Jackson Hole Fishing

There’s many ways to approach Jackson Hole Wyoming. One can simply arrive at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa with the sole purpose and unwavering commitment to do some serious fishing. Jackson Hole can certainly provide that, but, you can also step outside-the-box and have a most unique and fulfilling adventure that will still keep your feet, or waders, firmly planted in the heart of Yellowstone-Teton Territory. Fishing Jackson Hole‘s top spots is easily accessible from Teton Springs Resort, and Wilson Wyoming is even closer. With two quick right-hand turns of your rental car you’ll be cruising over the Wyoming state line, and within 20 minutes you’ll arrive in the sleepy town of Wilson, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Fishing, if you’re lucky, is just one piece of this adventure! Fish Creek, a small but trophy trout rich stream runs right through the town of Wilson. It doesn’t get the fanfare that other area rivers enjoy but that probably suits the locals just fine, especially those coming from Jackson Hole. Fish of reputable size and girth can be found in Fish Creek. Wilson itself is a small and incredibly charming hamlet that sits quietly at the bottom of Teton Pass. Most anglers simply wiz thru this town with a crazed focus to fish Jackson Hole’s more famous Snake River. Wyoming is ever full of surprises, however, and Wilson should be considered a coveted fly fishing destination. Yet for most visitors, the only part of Fish Creek they’ll see is from the seat of a weathered picnic table at the local java joint, a pleasure in itself frankly. Fly fishing packages are no finer than Teton Springs!

Jackson Hole Fishing – Stay in Style at Teton Springs Lodge

In fact, this coffee hang-out is always hopping serving the Jackson Hole fishing enthusiasts and it is indeed an optimum spot to enjoy a cup of hot joe and a fresh poppy seed bagel. But it’s the Bull Moose often seen feeding in Fish Creek, smack in the center of town, which is really the attraction here. If you’re still hungry Nora’s Fish Creek Inn serves up an incredible western omelet. And, after your delightfully exhausting day of testing those angling skills on Fish Creek, don’t head back to Teton Springs until you’ve saddled up to the bar at Wilson’s favorite watering hole, The Stagecoach Bar. This particular stop could very well be the highlight of your fishing Jackson Hole excursion. Casting for that illusive native Cutthroat may just have to wait until tomorrow!

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