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The best fishing lodges are not necessarily in the most obvious of locations unlike the famous rivers on everyone’s list. It’s a given fact that when the rabid fly fisherman is asked to name the top river on their fly fishing wish list, he or she will undoubtedly say the Henry’s Fork. This iconic body of water is in southeastern Idaho, just outside of Ashton, Idaho, and the stories about this river’s big fish are not simply popular lore. The Henry’s Fork is technically referred to as the North Fork of the Snake River although you seldom hear it called by its formal name.

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Best Fishing LodgesMany anglers may not realize that Idaho’s best fishing lodges don’t necessarily line the banks of the Henry’s Fork, and even fewer know how this iconic river came to be called the Henry’s Fork. It was in fact named in honor of Andrew Henry, one of the original fur trappers who saw tremendous opportunities in this corner of the gem state. He eventually built his fort and trading operation on land overlooking this wide and scenic river. Sportsmen should give thanks to Mr. Henry and his entrenapeal spirit that this eastern Idaho fishing Mecca is now known throughout the global fishing community simply as the Henry’s Fork.

As far as an extraordinary Idaho fishing lodge, best in the region could easily be the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. Nestled in Teton Valley, this hotel always deserves the attention of anglers who appreciate when their accommodations and other amenities are located in the west’s most inspiring setting. Teton Springs Lodge is a far cry from the more typical Idaho rustic fishing lodge. This property, part of a 780 resort community, also comes equipped with its own private lakes, ponds and streams. Here anglers enjoy optimum opportunity to practice before heading out to the Henry’s Fork and other great rivers in this area at the best fishing lodges in the area.

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