Best Golf Vacations

Come enjoy the best golf vacations in the areaEveryone has a unique perspective on what exactly determines the best golf vacations. There are more than a few destinations that immediately come to mind for that absolute best golf vacation based on the following criteria; sheer number of golf course options in one given area, price points, weather, year-round play opportunities, availability of tee times, suitable lodging etc. There are definitely no shortage of reputable courses across the entire country, but if you’re looking for a winter golf vacation, best to narrow your search to North and South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii and California. There are other places as well but the majority of quality courses, and the likelihood of having the optimum winter season golf vacation, best to focus on these particular states.

A specific area in California that is often associated with golfing is the Coachella Valley, a desert oasis tucked in the southern end of the state. California is such an incredibly diverse state, the most populated of all 50 states, and easy to understand why its nickname is the “Golden State.” Sure, the Gold Rush in the 1880’s defined this place, but for most golfers, the gold in “golden” is more of a reference to the perpetual sunshine and land of fun destinations. For golfers, California’s truly is the Land of Milk and Honey,” (another California nickname) for the innumerable opportunities to sample vacations.

Teton Springs – Voted the Best Golf Vacation for the Summer Months

Idaho is another state that can easily claim some of the country’s best golfing weather in the warmer months. This will surprise many, but when planning any getaway time, to look beyond what is the obvious or predictable. The name “Headwaters Club” in Victor, Idaho may not immediately roll off the tongue of most out-of-region avid golfers. However, it is easily recognized as one of the best golf destinations in the Rocky Mountains.

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