Family Golf Vacations

Family Golf Vacations
While it’s exciting to plan family golf vacations, it can also be a daunting task. Is everyone in the family in agreement that the priority on this excursion may indeed be golf? If everyone in the party is excited that a golf vacation family style is the priority, than it’s a tad easier to find the perfect destination. However, it’s always prudent to insure that any family golf vacation also includes other outdoor adventures as part of the itinerary. There’s also the likelihood that there will younger children in tow on the annual getaway. Golf is actually a terrific sport for kids and if the chosen destination has all of the right facilities, it’s a great opportunity to teach kids of any age this terrific lifetime sport called golf.

Great Fun With Our Family Golf Vacations

For golfing parents, there is nothing more satisfying than to pack up the group and head to beautiful places for family golf vacations. Spending time with your kids on the golf course can be meaningful and assure quality time together, and something you can look forward to sharing for many more years to come; basically the best golf vacation.

Teton Springs Resort in eastern Idaho is an industry leader and prime location for family golf vacations. Kids new to the sport will need to learn the basics on your get-away to the majestic Teton Valley. The Headwaters Club offers all the tools they’ll need to get started. There’s dedicated instructors at this all-season resort who specialize and truly enjoy teaching kids the game of golf. Families staying at this property will love the driving range and putting greens all conveniently located to the lodge & base facilities. In addition to the award–winning 18 hole Headwaters Course, there’s also a low-key and extremely fun par 3 course for a more relaxed game of golf. It’s fun for everyone in the family, you can spend countless hours on these links which are perfectly suited for both kids and adults.

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