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A fishing vacation usually means one thing and one thing only is the top priority on this trip, and that is indeed the fishing. The dedicated angler usually has no need to divert his or her attention away from the task at hand, which equates to spending the majority of time on this particular leisure trip floating the rivers or wading in some backcountry stream. There is also a special criterion for some anglers, the blend of solid fishing opportunities coupled with those magical remote locations where the occasional moose or white tailed deer wandering thru is the only distraction.

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Fishing VacationVictor, Idaho, in the south end of the breathtakingly beautiful Teton Valley, is an extremely popular destination for the Idaho fishing vacation. When guests first feast their eyes on this valley, they understand immediately why the Shoshone Indian tribe first inhabited this land back in the 1800’s and fur trappers soon followed. Its raw beauty and unlimited natural resources continue to mesmerize the locals and visitors alike. Today’s residents honor their rich history with an annual Pierre’s Rendezvous Festival at which time the lifestyle of living in 19th century rugged Idaho is reenacted in historical detail complete with black powder shoot competitions.

There are lots of reasons why anglers choose Teton Springs Lodge & Spa in Teton Valley for their annual Idaho fishing vacations. It’s basically quality and access. While there is a lot of this area that remains untamed and therefore a magnet for those looking for a genuine outdoor adventure, it is undeniably easy to reach from anywhere in the United States. For those looking to explore Idaho’s rivers in Southern Idaho, flying into Salt Lake City’s Airport is a viable option followed by an easy 4 & ½ hour drive to reach Teton Springs Resort for a fishing vacation.

Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitters - Snake River

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