Fly Fishing Snake River

Fly fishing Snake River water in Wyoming is not dramatically different that fishing the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho. However, for guests staying at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, the South Fork is still a preferred section but a trip into cowboy country should make any visitor’s itinerary. Snake River fly fishing on the Wyoming Snake provides a different kind of eye-candy for the angler; it’s a unique visual experience altogether from any other portion of this great river. Floating along past Moose junction, in the magnificent Teton National Park, the Grand Tetons can easily vie for the “most spectacular mountain range in North America” award. They’ll often distract you from yourSnake River fishing expedition. That’s o.k. One can fly fish Snake River banks until well after dusk!

It’s difficult to concentrate on anything else with scenery like you’ll experience in Wyoming. Fly fishing Snake River territory is also unique in that the Snake can claim bragging rights to having its own subspecies called the Fine-Spotted Cutthroat Trout. There’s no question when this trout decides to take your fly as they do so with an explosive strike. To fly fish Snake River banks, anglers need to be precise and patient. The biggest fish often lie under rocks and fallen debris and feed close to shore which also can make it difficult to avoid the big tangle. You’ll lose a fly or two. No big deal. It’s well worth any risk given the rewards when the you do nail the cast and the trophy trout.

The Best Fly Fishing Snake River – Stay at Teton Springs

So, it’s easy to understand why anglers from all over the world have fly fishing Snake River banks at the top of their “must do” list. Another piece of advice that will certainly help guarantee that your Snake River fly fishing adventure is an unqualified success is to practice your casting technique. Accuracy is critical along the tight banks of the Snake. River fly fishing from a drift boat is a total hoot but it can also lead to frustration if you’re sticking the trees and bushes and not those giant rainbows. The prudent angler will perfect their casting technique at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa before heading out for their Snake River fly fishing expedition. After all, you don’t get to fly fish Snake River banks every day so practice, practice, practice!

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