Golf and Stay Packages

Golf and Stay Packages
For the avid golfer, golf and stay packages tell you instantly that this is going to be the perfect getaway. A getaway like this tells you you’re most likely going to be playing on a resort course and normally also signifies better rates than those posted in the Pro Shop. Any dedicated golfer would argue that golf is the greatest sport on earth, albeit frustrating at times, and at the very least certainly one of life’s greatest pleasures. For non-golfers, spending hours of one’s precious time chasing a little white ball around seems, well, almost silly. What I would say to all those non believers out there, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and when you do, it’s almost guaranteed a stay and golf package is in your future!

Exciting Golf and Stay Packages For Your Family

Once you have figured out the proper grip, posture, alignment, and the silly fact that you must keep your head down at all times, you’re ready for time to get out and play, where you can truly hone your skills. Golf truly is addicting so be prepared for that from the onset. Your local home course is the perfect place to learn the sport, and the rules (there are lots of rules!) and in general find that comfort zone on the tee box.

The beauty about golf and stay packages is you can use this sport to explore some of the world’s most exotic and upscale destinations. Case in point is the Headwaters Golf Course in Victor, Idaho. Teton Springs, a year-round destination, is similar to winning the vacation sweepstakes. It’s a place where a stay and golf package is only the beginning for the fun and recreation seeker. Staying at Teton Springs means exploring one of the northern Rockies most spectacular landscapes during your stay. Golfing other outdoor recreation await the guest at this award-winning facility.

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