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If you’re headed to a new destination for that dream fishing vacation, the best way to start this trip is by booking a guided fly fishing excursion. It’s a worthy investment along with a leak-free pair of good waders and a quality fly rod and reel. On a guided trip, you won’t have to stress about which flies have the magic to successfully lure the fish to the surface. Technical advice for how to navigate a particular river or stream, or perhaps some help to simply modify your casting technique, is also included in the daily guided rate.

We Have Some Great Guided Fly Fishing Trips Just For You

Guided Fly FishingThere are many Idaho guided fly fishing companies to choose from if you’re headed to Yellowstone-Teton country. Most enjoy a rich history in this fly fishing capital of the west and enjoy a solid reputation. Fly fishing guides make it all look easy but there is definitely skill involved in becoming proficient at this sport. Casting with a fly rod takes many hours of practice, and as the case with many sports, timing is the key. The angler who employs jerky, abrupt moves while casting will pay the price and spend half of their outing plucking their precious flies out of bushes and trees.

Which particular rivers your guide has access to will often dictate your choice of outfitters. If you’re staying at Teton Springs Lodge and Spa, one of the most popular destinations for anglers, your guides will be from the prestigious WorldCast Angling Outfitting Company. WorldCast is the largest outfitter for fly fishing in this region and hold permits on the best rivers in the Northern Rockies. They are friendly, professional and proficient and share a rich history with their partners at Teton Spring Resort. They’re also available for private lessons prior to heading out for a guaranteed stellar day on your guided fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitters - Snake River

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