Idaho Fishing – A Fly-Fishing Joy to All

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Idaho fishing is deservedly held in high esteem by anglers in the know. In reality, the state of Idaho is known more among the masses for the fat, fleshy white delicious russet potato, and not so much for its world-class fishing & natural beauty. Truth be known, I guess more folks love their French Fries and potato chips more than they do snagging that trophy brown trout on one of Idaho’s many rivers. The anglers who make the annual pilgrimage to the Gem State for the sole purpose of fishing Idaho water don’t mind; it simply means more fish for them.

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Idaho FishingOther than just the “potato thing,” there are a few other things that disappoint Idahoans. One would be the lack of notoriety that Idaho enjoys as one of the foremost places in the United States to recreate. The other has to do with geographical unawareness and the fact that their beloved Idaho is often confused with another state that begins with the letter “I.” That’s Iowa, the pride of America’s Heartland and of course famous for another of America’s staple food products, and that’s corn. So, I guess these two states do have something in common but it’s certainly not the caliber of the fishing.

If Idaho fishing in the eastern part of the state is on the itinerary, then Teton Springs Lodge & Spa has to top the list on places to stay. Teton Springs Resort, a full service year round resort community in downtown Victor, puts so much emphasis on the fly fishing experience they built nine fully stocked ponds and lakes on the property and filled them with native Yellowstone Cutthroat for their guests to enjoy. Their golf shop will sell you the hottest fly and even rent you a rod. Teton Springs has their Idaho fishing priorities in the right place!

Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitters - Snake River

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