Idaho Fly Fishing

If you don’t reside in the great state of Idaho but you’re serious about your fishing, you have undoubtedly heard about the Idaho fly fishing. Fishermen, who have made the journey to this often underappreciated state, speak reverently of the big and often powerful water you’ll find in the Gem State. Idaho shares its borders with the great northern Rocky Mountain States of Wyoming, Utah and Montana. What it doesn’t share with its neighbors however are the tales of record book size rainbow trout found in some of Idaho’s most unassuming streams and creeks. Fly fishing Idaho style will delight even the most skeptical angler.

Breathtaking Idaho Fly Fishing Adventures Await

Idaho Fly FishingAnother benefit to Idaho fly fishing is one doesn’t have to stray too far off the beaten path to snag your share. This is especially true in the eastern corner of the state where an unprecedented number of cutthroat and browns swirl thru the rivers. Anglers have no doubt heard the stories of the monster trout that got away, and more importantly, the ones that didn’t get away, on the famous Henry’s Fork for starters. This river can easily be fished from the banks with an abundance of “sportsmen access” points to reach your own slice of paradise.

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa is in close proximity to Idaho’s best rivers. Located in the village center of Teton Springs Resort in the far corner of eastern Idaho, there’s another compelling reason to stay here. Anglers staying at this boutique hotel have the added benefit of never having to leave the resort compound if they so wish. There are over 50 acres of lakes and spring creeks on this property stocked with giant Yellowstone Cutthroat trout for Idaho fly fishing. Enjoy a leisure breakfast in the Headwaters Grille, consult with the Guest Service staff on the fly du jour and head out to your own private Idaho.

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