Jackson Hole Fly Fishing

For a true outdoor enthusiast, especially someone who lives and breathes fishing, Jackson Hole fly fishing, has to be right up there on the top of their “things to do in my lifetime” list. It’s an honorable goal, and frankly, easy to achieve if you’re adventuresome and committed. Fly fishing Jackson Hole rivers and streams instantly conjures up visions of wild and untamed water, white-water rapids, and acres and acres of sagebrush stretching out on the horizon as far as the eye can see. But mostly,Jackson Hole fly fishing is the opportunity to drop a fly directly over the head of a monster Rainbow Trout.

The reality of this place does in fact fit the vision, almost to a tee and it’s difficult to fathom there’s more to this scene than just trophy trout for the taking, but in truth, it’s so much more! When planning a trip to the authentic west, Jackson Hole fly fishing is only part of the incredible experience one can expect to have in these wide open spaces and mountains that seemingly touch the sky. While Jackson Hole’s Fly Fishing is legendary among anglers throughout the world, there’s more to explore in this Yellowstone-Teton region that doesn’t require waders. Guests visiting the area need to take a serious peek at the Teton Springs Community, a sprawling 780 acre resort just over the Wyoming line into Idaho. You could almost say Teton Springs is in “Wydaho as it straddles the line of these two great American West states and home to some of the best fishing and summer recreation in the region.

Paper Yourself at Teton Springs while in Jackson Hole Fly fishing

Teton Springs is located just 25 miles from the Jackson Hole fly fishing scene and reaching it takes a short but dramatic journey across Teton Pass. Make sure you pause at the top and take in the breathtakingly beautiful vistas of the Jackson Hole valley below. This unspoiled and raw environment mimics a scene out of a beloved western film. The summit on Teton Pass is at 10,000 plus feet and is a popular place to stop, take in the scenery, and snap a few pictures of course. You’re on top of the world! But you can leave Jackson Hole’s fly fishing territory with no regrets. There are plenty of amazing streams, rivers and lakes on the Idaho side, particularly at your next destination, Teton Springs Resort!

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