Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing

Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing offers extraordinary opportunities for any serious angler. For many, it’s the stories of high yield and big fish that lures first timers to the Cowboy state, also known as “The Equality State.” Wyoming was the first state to extend the right to vote to its female constituents. That stands to reason. The people of Wyoming are tough, but fair, and they all seem to boast an independent spirit. They’re gracious and welcoming and no one is ever a stranger. Fly fishing Wyoming’s Jackson Hole area is only one of many solid reason to visit this land of free-roaming buffalo and herds of thundering elk.

Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing promises the visitor a virtual plethora of quality rivers and streams. Fortunately, they’re all in close proximity to eastern Idaho so guests of neighboring Teton Springs Resort can easily explore the Hole. Jackson Wyoming fly fishing is made up of special fisheries, some unknown to the masses but special enough that familiar anglers speak of them in hushed tones. It’s surprising, frankly, how many fly fishing aficionados staying at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa are intimately familiar with one of these gems, known as Flat Creek. Some stumbled upon it my mistake. Others first discovered it on their windshield tour from the back seat of an airport van as the scenery whizzed by; Wyoming’s Jackson Hole fly fishing potential was obvious even with a quick first glance.Jackson Hole fly fishing has never been so good. 2011 will be an epic fishing year for the Teton and Snake Rivers.

What’s Better than a Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Vacation and Relaxation

Others, well, they were guided to this Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing Mecca through some divine intervention. Flat Creek is literally right on the outskirts of the town of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Fly fish in the afternoon after a tour of the town, perhaps even some shopping. The Orvis store is close by and another locals favorite is High Country Flies. The staff at all these Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing specialty shops is extremely generous with what the fish are eating that particular day. If all else fails, you can listen to the local “fishing report” on the Jackson Hole Wyoming fly fishing radio station; they cover everything an angler needs to know in the Yellowstone-Teton area. Stop by for a delicious burger at the Cadillac Grill; now you’re just in time for that afternoon hatch!

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