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Teton Springs Lodge & Spa enjoys a wonderful partnership with Snake River Fishing Guides. I’m referring to the owners and staff at WorldCast Anglers who do so much more than guide Snake River fishing trips; they are hospitality partners with Teton Springs Lodge & Spa and the larger Teton Springs Resort Community. Guided Snake River fishing trips is the bread and butter for this premier guided fly fishing trips company but they also cover a wide swath of other water in this Yellowstone-Teton territory. You’ll spot WorldCast drift boats on just about every notable river in the region but their Snake River guided fly fishing trips is where they really shine.

WorldCast chose Victor, Idaho for their base of operations. There quarters consist of a quaint but efficient cabin and it’s filled to the brim with just about everything Snake River fishing guides and their “dudes” will need. You’ll find the latest in Orvis & Simms waders, wide-brimmed hats to shield precious heads and faces against the western sun, and Patagonia fishing shirts with SPF protection literally woven into the fabric. Teton Springs immediately recognized this group as innovators and trail blazers in the guiding industry. Teton Springs Resort’s goal from the start was to also offer a full-service resort with upscale services and facilities to insure the perfect getaway location for its guests. Snake River guided fishing directly from the lodge was part of the grand plan.

Snake River Fishing Guides – Stay in Luxury

Also part of the vision, in addition to securing Snake River fishing guides onsite, was for Teton Springs to quickly build a stellar reputation as eastern Idaho’s only year-round luxury destination. The Lodge is located on the 18-hole championship Headwaters Golf Club Course which also includes a 9-hole Par 3 course and complete practice facility, both designed by the late great golf legend Byron Nelson. Asking the founders of WorldCast Anglers to develop a unique fishery within the confines of the resort community was a natural next step. Now visitors could learn to fish on the resort’s own ponds and lakes from the region’s best guides. Snake River fishing trips, as well as enjoying the acclaimed Teton River was now a reality to be enjoyed by Teton Springs guests for years to come; Snake River fishing guides were now part of the Teton Springs family!

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