Snake River Fly Fishing

Once hotel guests have mastered their casting technique on the private ponds and lakes at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, they’re more than ready to take on Snake River fly fishing. For most visitors to the area, hiring a professional guide is the optimum way to insure a successful day on the river. By “successful” I mean lots of Rainbow and Brown Trout in your net. And nothing puny! You and your group will enjoy a fun and hassle free day starting with your seasoned guide picking you up curb side at Teton Springs. He or she is already loaded up with everything you’ll need to entice that Snake River fish, flies naturally being the most critical. The Snake River’s fly fishing box is chock-full of every insect imaginable, in every shape, texture and color. You’re ready to go!

Also packed for your full day of Snake River fly fishingis a healthy dose of snacks, mostly but not all Mom approved, and a hearty home-made lunch lovingly created by the girls at the Victor Emporium in downtown Victor. You’ll enjoy the trip over to Swan Valley almost as much as the fly fishing packages we offer. Snake River fishing launch sites, the most popular anyway, are located a mere 25 minutes from Teton Springs. Where you actually enter the river depends on whether you have a full or half day scheduled for your Snake River fly fish adventure.

The Best Snake River Fly Fishing Packages – Paper Yourself at Teton Springs

Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s always smart to assist the guide with unloading the boat and getting launched as quickly as possible so there’s no possible delay for your Snake River fly fishing excursion. The boat pulls away from the dock and seemingly within seconds you’re officially fly fishing. Snake River scenery is spectacular and it’s guaranteed you’ll spot an eagle or two nesting high in the trees along the banks or competing for the same fish in the fast moving water. Fishing guides are the masters of multitasking. It’s difficult to decipher by their calm demeanor but your guide will be quietly evaluating every bug on the water and checking out every riffle, looking for that magical insect hatch. This constant monitoring, of everything, will help insure rich rewards for your Snake River fly fish adventure. It’s going to be a good day on the Snake River. Fly fish to your heart’s content!

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