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The Last & Best Horrah Before the Snow Flies

I love this time of year. The trees are giving us a hearty hint each day that winter is not too far off as the entire Teton Valley pops with glorious shades of red, orange & gold. It’s a sight to behold. And, as much as I relish shorts & t-shirt weather, there is something so comforting in wrapping a well-worn fleece around my shoulders. Baseball caps are replaced with wool beanies, at least for the morning hours, and off we go for another Yellowstone-Teton adventure.

It’s another 6 weeks or so before we dust off the ski boots, wax the boards and watch the weather obsessively for news of that first worthwhile snow storm. We know the skies will open up soon; it’s something we can always bank on here in the Tetons. However, for some reason, the timeliness of the first significant winter dump always causes some angst. Our entire focus and reason for being turns to Grand Targhee & Jackson Hole turning on their lifts, and, for all of us it marks the celebration of another delightful winter season & sliding on snow in an infinite number of ways.

Pamper Yourself at Stillwaters Spa

There’s no better way to prepare ourselves mentally & physically for another snow-filled 6 months than spending the last days and weeks of fall’s cool, crisp days pursuing a different kind of fun, all on dry land. My best recommendation is a visit to the gorgeous and relaxing Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. Maybe it’s simply a night’s retrieve although a weekend getaway is really what the doctor should order. You’ll need a few days to experience the soothing effects of this resort community so plan on spending some time here and let the pampering begin!

So Many Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest is practically right outside your door at this luxury resort. Strap on your hiking shoes and a few quick strides later you’ll be sharing the trail with resident elk and deer as you conquer the summit of the many trails at your disposal. And for those that think power walking is too pedestrian, think again.

A brisk walk around the Teton Springs Community is both an efficient way to work out, burn calories, all while taking in the breathtaking scenery. I’ve followed this path while on my own girlfriends’ weekend here recently and before we knew it, we had circled the entire 780 acre resort perimeter, and, we were actually ready for more. It’s funny how everything always seems easier with friends in tow. Check out all our outdoor activities at Teton Springs!

Looking to Stay at a Beautiful, Relaxing, Deluxe Cabin?

My friends and I stayed in one of the super deluxe luxury mountain log cabins at Teton Springs. I use the term "cabin" lightly and you’ll see why on your next visit here. Talk about living it up in the lap of luxury, and our per person rate was ridiculously affordable.

My girlfriends were a lot more excited about the kitchen in our cabin than the staggering views or huge big screen T.V.s. To each their own, but I have to admit, you could almost envision Rachael Ray or Wolfgang Puck standing at this granite topped island happily chopping away.

Beautiful, Top of the Line, Bedroom Suites

If it’s cozy & romantic you’re after and you plan a visit to Teton Springs with a spouse or significant other, the accommodation of choice is the one bedroom suite in the lodge. Expect well equipped & roomy, sporting almost 800 square feet, large balconies and beautifully tiled baths complete with whirlpools no less.

The beds are big and comfy, perfect for an afternoon nap. After a relaxing dinner at the Headwaters Grille, crank up the gas fireplace in your living room and maybe, just maybe, you’ll finish that book.

5000 Square Foot Spa – Get Ready to Relax

Teton Springs Resort separates itself from the pack in many ways but the crowning jewel of this property has to be the Stillwaters Spa & Salon. Located on the first floor of the Lodge, the 5,000 square foot spa not just offers a full array of services and treatments, but the staff literally makes you feel like royalty. It’s a crew that is familiar, highly skilled, professional and yet lighthearted. They specialize in a variety of massages including deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, reflexology and pre-natal. However, I am biased in favor of the Hydraquench treatment. After this indulgence, you will never feel as silky smooth again, in your life. The Stillwaters Salon is also the most popular place in Teton Valley to get those locks cut so be sure to book in advance!

The Beautiful Teton Valley

Not sure why anyone would want to leave the confines of Teton Springs, but if you’re compelled, there are plenty of fun diversions in Teton Valley. The local museum is a great way to spend a few hours after cruising the Driggs Main Street shops & watering holes. The Victor Emporium is smart enough to offer their famous huckleberry shakes year-round and you’re sure to find something special to take home combing through their racks of treasures.

If that’s not enough to satisfy the spending bug, Jackson Hole, the Mecca of shopping districts, is only a 25 minute drive away. You can virtually complete your Christmas shopping list and that’s without ever leaving their Town Square. It’s Monty Hall and "Let’s Make A Deal" this time of year so bring the platinum card!

Back at Teton Springs while soaking in the hot tub and gazing at the starlit sky, you can dream of your winter visit of snow-filled days and the next set of adventures.

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Another Major Snow Storm Pelts the Tetons


Almost everyone I know is fascinated, if not consumed, by all things weather. Personally, I never take weather for granted in this Yellowstone-Teton area. I’ve been here long enough to know that even the old timers miss the mark on what’s ahead of us in any given year. Patterns change on a dime and the Farmer’s Almanac isn’t always spot on (sorry granny!). No, predicting weather is definitely not a sport for the weak and Teton Valley residents take this stuff very seriously. Farmers need the moisture and water, albeit frozen, happens to be a key component for all the fun things we love to do. Snow in the winter means long, meandering runs in knee-deep powder at neighboring Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resorts, a day of blissful heli skiing, or, a day in the backcountry with a friend or two earning every turn.

Skiing in Idaho - Doesn't Get any Better than this

Another thing I don’t do is worry much about the winter weather in the Tetons, despite the predictions. While I don’t take it for granted, snow in Teton Valley is something I count on, like paying my taxes. This year is no exception. Sure, it was a tad slower in coming, at least in the quantities we’re accustomed to. But the record speaks for itself. Both of our resorts were open in November and offered a full menu of services including vast swatches of lift served terrain early in the season. Other ski areas across the country didn’t fare so well this year; many limped along with limited runs for the taking and some didn’t even open at all. It was a shock to skiers and snowboarders across the west. After all, this was supposed to be another La Nina year. Everyone counted on a repeat performance of 2010-11, with even more snow for the taking, and everyone just knew that previous snow records would topple. Didn’t happen quite that way for many.

Skiing Targhee and Jackson Hole

The White Gold Has Fallen

However, this mid-January storm has thankfully given many areas in the Rockies something to celebrate. I’m always happy when all ski areas prosper. I know what it means to the psyche of skiers and snowboarders everywhere and these resorts are often the major economic engine for many small Rocky Mountain towns.

Teton Valley is one of those places and we sure appreciate how the success of Grant Targhee is tied to our own. Well, this little gem in the Tetons is once again taking care of business – 25" of the white gold has fallen at Targhee in the last 72 hours and there’s no end in sight. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is counting their blessings as well with over 36" of new stuff hitting their formidable slopes in the last few days.

This storm is packing a mean punch and that means powder galore and a January of old.

All good things come to those who wait.

The Place to Stay While Skiing Targhee or Jackson Hole

Stay in Style at Teton Springs Lodge

It’s not lost on our guests at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa that proximity to both resorts is also heavenly, about a half hour drive to both these Wyoming classics. Nice to have choices. Not only are Targhee and Jackson Hole leading the pack this winter on snow totals but they also happen to offer the best of the west in terrain, services and genuine western hospitality. And, if snow wasn’t enough, Teton Springs is offering an unbelievable value with their ski and lodge package. Spend a day on Targhee’s snow laden slopes and rest your head in a deluxe lodge room at Teton Springs. Now, that’s a winning combo!

The Perfect Winter Getaway Packages

Now that we’ve officially confirmed that the snow in the Tetons is unrivaled, it’s time to reach for that ultimate brass ring of mouth-watering experiences – Heli Skiing in the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley areas.

heli skiing in Jackson Hole and Targhee Area

The backcountry is now ripe for the taking! The folks at High Mountain Heli Skiing are prepared to pick you up at Teton Springs, and this new snow, measured in feet not inches, is making this the exceptional 2012 ski and snowboard adventure. Check out the deal at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. This Winter getaway package just happens to include 305,000 acres of terrain in the Tetons and surrounding mountains.

Spoil Yourself at the Teton Springs Stillwaters Spa & Salon

Luxury Spa in the Teton Valley

As if schussing down these slopes wasn’t enough incentive to make a trip to Teton Springs….the resort’s Stillwaters Spa & Salon is giving us another compelling reason to make the trek to Victor, Idaho now, especially now while the deals are hot.

One of their specialties is the Hydraquench. This rich, moisturizing treatment is a delight any time of the year but I find this particular slice of heaven almost a necessity during the dry winter months. For a totally ooh & aah experience…

One Hour Hydraquench Body Treatment

  • 2oz Body Butter and Body Brush for home use with take home instructions for dry brushing
  • $100….a $135 value (a 25%savings!)

Here’s what they say: The Hydraquench Treatment is our signature three-in-one body wrap. Your skin is gently buffed with a soft dry brush; you’re then slathered with moisture rich shea butter and gently wrapped in a warm herbal cocoon. While wrapped, you are pampered with a warm stone foot massage, a cooling stone facial massage and stress relieving neck work. Heavenly!

Please mention this special at time of booking! Offer good through January 30th.

Don’t waste another minute just dreaming about the perfect ski trip; call the nice folks at Teton Springs now, where the options are plentiful – just like the snow! See you in the mountains! 1-877-787.8757

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First Annual Snow Fest in Teton Valley

Teton Valley presents the first annual great Snow Fest a place where the Snow Gods are truly celebrated!It has definitely been a strange winter thus far. No one can dispute that. Weather is always a hot topic of discussion, in all seasons, but even more so this year across the entire country. You see news clips of people ringing in the New Year rolling skating through Central Park, in t-shirts no less. The Rocky Mountains in particular were poised to celebrate another repeat performance of La Nina after the 2010-11 ski season was one of total euphoria, not to mention record snow fall for many ski areas. Now, most of these same resorts find themselves off to a struggling start, and the areas fortunate enough to open for the Christmas holidays now limp into a new year. They remain eternally optimistic. That’s the only way to approach the "snow farming" business that ski industry types find themselves in. They’ve all struggled through the years with marginal at best snow conditions, and having been down this road before, they cringe at the thought of history repeating itself.

Ski Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole

Now, let’s talk about Teton Valley and the snow levels at our local resorts Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole. These guys jumped ahead of the pack right out of the gates and continue to lead the nation on total snowfall to date. Their snow measured on summit and base snow stakes reflect this early bounty. All of Grand Targhee’s terrain is open, all lifts running. Normally this January status would be ho hum for this powder capital of the country, a what-else-is-new kind of update. However, in this particular year, this is indeed a precious development and 11 feet of total snowfall to date is not lost on the masses, view more of Targhee Mountain conditions.

Jackson Hole also has reason to celebrate, sitting at the 10 feet of total snowfall, and is proud of its 42" summit snow depth, and rightfully so. All of their lifts are operating except one, which does indeed turn on weekends. Both of these mountains have impressive skiable acreage so their snow reports are especially meaningful, especially compared to many of their competitors in the region.

The Great Snow Fest – Teton Valley Style

The entire community of Teton Valley, Idaho, including Grand Targhee in nearby Alta, Wy, is getting ready to celebrate their first annual Great Snow Fest January 12-15 and in their words, this event is "celebrating the wonder of snow." Somehow seems more relevant this season… Teton Valley relies heavily on winter recreation, of which Grand Targhee is a major component. Their home resort boats an annual average snowfall of 500" plus, and snow levels even on the valley floor never ceases to impress even the hardened winter visitor. Yeah, no argument here that this year the numbers are not quite as impressive but this valley is feeling blessed non-the-less. Their local mountain is open and also garnering national attention for its refusal to participate in the "no snow" trend of 2011-12. The first Snow Fest is quickly approaching and the events will be a welcomed reprieve, especially for out-of- towners expected to attend, anxious to play once again in the white stuff.

There’s something at this festival for everyone. We’ve all seen the artistic wizardry created out of a bloc of ice. It’s usually at a wedding when a dove, swan or heart decorates the reception table. Snow sculptures are definitely cool and gawkers should be in for a huge treat when they see what will suddenly appear from a block of ice at this snow festival. It solidifies the old saying, "every job is easy if you have the right tools," and in this case, it’s a hunk of ice, albeit sizable block of ice, a sharp chainsaw and some blow torches. Oh, and did I mention talent sure helps. Artist Michael Hoffman is the iceman for this event and viewers will be astounded by what this guy can do with water frozen over. The Teton Arts Council has many events in Teton Valley.

For the folks who covet the Nordic tradition of skiing, a don’t miss event is the Backcountry Film Festival hosted by Teton Valley Trails and Pathways on the 12th in Victor’s Wildroom Room. You’re sure to be inspired by what you see on this silver screen. Sufficiently motivated, you’re ready to sign up for one of the most celebrated Nordic events in the Rockies – the 9th Annual Teton Ridge Classic held Saturday at the drop-dead gorgeous Teton Ridge Ranch. Harboring outdated equipment in your ski quiver – not a problem. These guys are also featuring a "wood ski" division this year!

There’s a luge demo in Victor’s park, snow bike demos and races at Grand Targhee, and of course the big daddy event – Skijoring! Trust me, you don’t see a dynamic event like skijoring often and it alone is worth a trip to Teton Valley this weekend! Skiers and snowboarders are pulled by horses through jumps and other obstacles while holding on for dear life. This takes a brave soul, not to mention competency and precision on their boards. Check this one out for sure!

The Best Place to Stay in the Teton Valley or Jackson Hole

A stone’s throw to events, but a welcomed reprieve when you need a break from all the action is Teton Springs Lodge and Spa. This all-season luxury resort in downtown Victor is offering special lodging rates for the Snow Fest and other winter activities. You’ll love the quiet elegance and affordability this place affords. While you’re there be sure to check out the Stillwaters Spa & Salon. After all, tomorrow is another big day! Check the schedule and plan to spend some time in Teton Valley this winter, where there’s always a celebration of the snow.

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