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Yellowstone – Teton Territory Shines Bright


We tend to grumble this time of year if spring showers interrupt our plans for all things outdoors; a round of golf on the Headwaters Course, a casual hike up Pole Canyon, or a mountain bike trek into the adjacent Caribou-Targhee National Forest. However, any frustration at being forced indoors, even for a few hours, melts away when the sun returns in all its glory and the entire Teton Valley landscape is a sea of emerald green, wild daisies and lilacs. Then for overkill, throw in the snow capped Teton Mountains as the luscious backdrop for all this color. I know, I say this about every season but seriously, can it get much prettier than it is right now?!

Food an Incredible Time at Teton Springs

Guests at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa who have decided to beat the summer rush to the Tetons know what I’m talking about. You hear them gush about their adventures as they sit in the lobby sipping an afternoon cup of tea or relaxing in the cozy Sage Café tasting one of Idaho’s best home grown wines. So here’s the inside scoop from both a visitors perspective and my own. Let’s start with the fishing. Fly fishing in this region accounts for why so many make the journey to Teton Springs in late May and June. It’s called the salmon fly hatch and you hear resident fishermen from one end of the valley to the other talk of this “event” in hushed tones. If you’re lucky. Most often this local knowledge on where the fish are gulping the big bugs isn’t shared, sometimes not even with the closest family members.

The Salmon Fly Hatch on the Henry’s Fork

My husband and I recently caught the salmon fly extravaganza on the Henry’s Fork and patience pays huge dividends. As with everything in life, it’s all about the timing. Salmon flies were literally everywhere and we assumed luring the big trout to the surface with this particular bug would be like talking candy from a baby. Not so fast. On some stretches the rainbows had their fill, obviously having just gorged themselves just hours, or perhaps minutes, before our arrival. However, you make the turn around the next river’s bend and that familiar gulping sound was back, like music to our ears. Fishing with these giant bugs is the most fun you will ever have. If you missed the early salmon fly hatch this year, plan for it well in advance for 2014. You can rest assured that Teton Springs Lodge & Spa does; they create their own lodge & salmon fly fishing package with their partner WorldCast Outfitters just for the occasion.

Featured next on the menu, the golden stone hatch. One can count on seeing these babies fly with abandon on the Henry’s Fork for the next few weeks, and while not quite as meaty as the salmon fly, the golden stone is another reason to get on the river early. They can easily be spotted on the water and fish take it hard. Just another reason to visit this Yellowstone region sooner than later.

Yellowstone Park – Bring the Entire Family to Teton Springs

Speaking of Yellowstone, it also wouldn’t be prudent to visit Teton Springs anytime during the summer season without a side trip to both of our country’s most spectacular national parks. On the resort’s “Park Pass Package” admission to Grand Teton and Yellowstone is free, for an entire 7 days. Not to mention the other goodies included on this package. Families in particular should take a serious look at renting one of the 3, 4 or 5 bedroom mountain log homes bordering the Headwaters Golf Course at Teton Springs.

In these digs you’re treated to the lap of luxury at affordable rates. After a day of cruising the parks, a dip in the Teton Springs heated pool or soak in the hot tub is just what the doctor ordered. We have quite a few nice summer vacation and getaway packages available, we look forward to seeing you!

Great Music, Food and Fun at the Headwater’s Club

“Mulligan Mondays” is a terrific way to start a new week and are in full swing at the Headwaters Club. The quality of music is worth planning a stay around this weekly event. Some of the region’s best musicians/bands serenade guests from 5-7p.m. now thru the end of September every Monday. The view alone from the Headwaters patio is worth the price of admission, which by the way is free. After an inspiring performance by local favorites Miller Sisters or the Alta Boys, slip into the Headwaters Grille for one of Chef Jordan’s home cooked meals. Who ever thought Monday’s could be so perfect?!

Call 877.787.8757 to schedule your summer adventure and fly fishing packages at Teton Springs Lodge, one of the Rockies best fly fishing lodges. And did I mention the salmon flies are headed to the South Fork. But you didn’t hear it from me.

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Christmas – A Time for Joy – Peace and Love

This holiday season feels different. There has been so much sadness in our country. Rather than focusing on the goodies under the tree bearing our name, I think it’s safe to say most of us will be thinking of the families in America who this year bear heavy hearts and unfathomable loss. I know I will be.

This year, parents will undoubtedly hold their children a tad closer and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a time for forgiveness, to open our hearts to love and spending precious time with family and friends. It feels like now, more than ever, is the time to pay-it-forward, which could be a simple act of acting nobly in any given situation and selflessly giving to others. Maybe that’s why there seems to be more Toys For Tots bins popping up this year, or maybe I’m just more aware of the many in need. It’s a good thing. Most of us are so blessed and have so much. It’s time to share.

Spending time in the great outdoors is a most effective way to unleash our spiritual energy. The world seems to always make greater sense when we’re standing at the summit on any given peak in the Grand Tetons while taking in all the wonders of this glorious place. It reminds me that there is so much good in our universe. I especially love watching the families reunite during the holidays at Teton Springs Resort. They may be coming for the Christmas ski vacation packages but this special place holds other treasures, like simply being together as a family in an environment that is comforting, nurturing and stimulating.

Many Fun and Exciting Outdoor Activities

For many of us, a day exploring the great outdoors is more than just physical activity. It’s nourishment for the soul, and more importantly, a chance to leave our daily obsessions with technology and anything real world behind. It’s a time for self discovery and reflection, especially while on a hearty trek breathing in pure, clean mountain air. One can almost feel the stress drip from their shoulders like the fallen snow. Teton Springs Resort lies adjacent to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest so easy to quickly transform yourself into another world. A snowshoe or cross-country ski trip through this magical place promises a time of peace and reflection, and nothing will thrill a child more than spending time in the splendor of our precious planet. You may even spot a moose or two sharing your path. There are many outdoor activities while staying at Teton Springs, for everyone to enjoy.

Grand Targhee continues to live up to its impressive reputation for often having the best, and most, snow in North America this season.

The Best Skiing, the Best Snow, The Best Place to Stay – Teton Springs Lodge

Teton Springs specializes in ski packages with this Wyoming gem where powder runs are almost guaranteed and the scenery alone propels you into sensory overload. This small Wyoming area is a mere 30 minute drive from Teton Springs and now Targhee has arranged for someone else to do the driving. So, sit back, relax, and take in the sights from Teton Springs as you cross the state line into a corner of wild, wonderful Wyoming, where Targhee reigns supreme.

And, if you plan on ringing in the New Year at Teton Springs, hang a little later at Targhee that day & take in their annual Torchlight Parade and fireworks display. It’s a terrific way to say goodbye to 2012 and embrace the promises that only a brand new year can deliver. It all happens right after the lifts close so you’ll be back at Teton Springs in time for a New Year’s feast and celebration at the Headwaters Grille (need to check on availability; Headwaters will be hopping!)

Teton Springs specializes in snowboarding vacation packages, which also include options for snowcat skiing at Targhee, or, the once-in-a-lifetime powder experience only a heli ski excursion can deliver. There’s no fighting for powder lines on this trips, there’s plenty to go around!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. We look forward to many happy turns with you this season!

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At Teton Springs Resort, When you Say I Do. They Will…

I attended a wedding at Teton Springs Resort this past summer. It only served to remind me what a glorious place this truly is, whether it’s for an afternoon spa treatment or hair cut, golf outing, overnight stay, or full-on vacation. It’s quite the place to celebrate any occasion really, but the Springs especially reeks of romance. Consider the sheer power of this place visually. In every direction you’re treated to panoramic views of the Teton and Big Hole Mountains, the lushness of the adjacent Caribou-Targhee National Forest, and the multitude of lakes, ponds and waterfalls that grace the crown jewel of this property, the Headwaters golf course. And that’s just the scenery.

It’s literally the perfect spot to officially begin a new chapter with the love of your life. Again, the setting itself is extraordinary, truly as beautiful as any Vera Wang wedding frock could hope to be. Yes, love is in the air in this idyllic Victor, Idaho village, but that isn’t the only thing that inspires couples taking the plunge here. The scenery alone guarantees inspiration & awe to those reciting those once-in-a-lifetime wedding vows. However, there’s other compelling reasons to choose Teton Springs for the occasion where we promise to love, honor and all that other great stuff that is so personal and unique to each couple’s commitment. Ah, weddings. I have always been an incurable romantic when it comes to weddings and all the hoop-la that surrounds them.

The Best Place to Tie the Knot in the Teton Valley

The staff is another reason brides and grooms key in on Teton Springs as “the” place to tie the knot in this Greater Yellowstone region. After the initial site tour and a meet & greet with the staff, the happy couple, usually with moms or sisters in tow, leave the property knowing they have just experienced yet another match made in heaven.

The concierge, hotel, restaurant & spa staff, well, they’re pros and each and every one of these folks could write the book on guest service. They will embrace your personal style, champion your aesthetic to the bitter end, and respect your budget. They take this stuff personally, as right they should. For most of us we only get one chance to get this wedding thing perfect.

Feast in Luxury at the Headwaters Grille

Options galore on where one can say “I do” at Teton Springs. Big or tiny & everything in between, fall – winter – summer – spring – it all works here. Smaller, cozy & intimate venues like the Headwaters Grille and Snake River Room fit the bill perfectly for winter events and the ultimate honeymoon can be spent heli skiing in the Tetons, powder skiing at Grand Targhee or snowmobiling the local trails.

Undoubtedly, most of the bigger weddings occur during the summer months, and for many, it becomes a true destination wedding. Not difficult to attract long lost cousins to your ceremony when a vacation in Yellowstone territory follows the ceremony. Activities for the wedding party and guests include golfing the Headwaters private 18 hole course, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, tennis, spa, yoga, entertainment, and that’s all without leaving the Teton Springs gate!

Relax and Prepare to be Pampered

Every resort service and activity is easy to access for both lodge & cabin guests, especially the Stillwaters Spa. This is another area where Teton Springs has a huge leg up on any competition. Most wedding venues simply do not have the luxury of offering a full service spa & salon onsite, and such a fabulous retreat this provides to the bride and groom, their wedding party, families and friends. The women at the Stillwaters Spa are experts at reducing the stress that seems to be a companion piece to most weddings. They also make everyone look terrific too!

Simply the Best Wedding Venue – Jackson to Yellowstone

Outdoor wedding venues include Caddis Lake, a large grassy area adjacent to the golf course & lake and the historic and stunning Rammel Barn. There’s also the new and shining star of venues unveiled recently at Teton Springs called the Caddis Lake Overlook; the deck off of the main tent offers staggering views of the mountains, the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and the evening western sky. Golfers working their way up the picturesque 9th hole are also in view as well as anxious players trying to hit their 10th hole tee-shot across the lake. It’s entertainment built in!

Luxury Mountain Home Cabins – Nothing but the Finest

Lodging options galore at Teton Springs and the guests staying on to explore should really consider a luxury mountain log cabin. These places are amazing and can easily accommodate the family reunion that inevitably happens at a wedding.

It’s time to call 208.787.8133 and schedule your special day.

Demand is high for this 700 acre playground that virtually becomes yours once you book. Believe me, Teton Springs will become your ultimate wedding gift!

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