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Skiing Knee Deep Powder with Blue Skies

Skiing Knee Deep Powder with Blue Skies in the Teton Mountains let’s hope this isn’t just a dream!

News of the recent epic snowstorm in New England, and the destructive aftermath, has really been monopolizing the airwaves lately. This latest weather episode to rock the northeast was significant, no doubt about it. However, it always makes me smile when the national news covers this stuff for days on end. Here in the Tetons, an overnight storm dropping 24" of what the locals call "white gold" barely causes a stir. Of course, Teton Valley doesn’t in any shape or form resemble Boston Massachusetts or, any other American city for that major.

One obvious distinction that separates this relatively tiny hamlet of Teton Valley, Idaho, from anywhere USA, is the fact that heli skiing packages are available at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, which sits nestled off Highway 33 in the south end of the valley. This boutique hotel is the centerpiece of the Teton Springs Resort and offers year-round visitors amazing activities. Winter guests delight in the hotels varied mix-and-match ski and stay packages, including the grand poobah of ski packages – that of heli skiing.

If a day of glorious turns in knee-deep powder, with deep blue skies overhead, mind-blowing Teton Mountain scenery and no lift lines appeals to your sensibilities, then heli skiing should indeed be on the agenda. High Mountain Hel Ski is the premier (and only) heli ski operator in the Tetons and Teton Springs couldn’t ask for a better partner in taking to the skies.

If a family ski vacation is on the docket, perhaps it’s a spring break trip. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa specializes in winter family vacations. The three, four and five bedroom mountain log cabins are luxurious in every way.

Guests are always pleasantly surprised just how affordable these places truly are, especially when they step foot into of these buffed-out cabins. Each home is unique, has literally everything you could possibly need, and more. They’re simply perfect for the family, and, roomy enough that friends can join the party too!

Teton Springs also lists Grand Targhee Resort as a partner in winter recreation, and, the last time I checked the measured snow depth at Targhee was the deepest of any area in the entire country. Not unusual for this Teton valley snow Mecca; they always post the big numbers!

There’s still plenty of time and winter left to book family ski packages to Teton Springs, with deals that include a complimentary night in the lodge, or in one of the sweet log cabins.

There’s Nordic skiing on the resort’s track, door-to-door guided snowmobile trips to Yellowstone National Park, snowshoe treks into the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. That’s just for starters. There are many Winter family activities in the Teton Valley and close by.

The atmosphere is homey and relaxed the staff genuine and this entire property screams quality. Guess that explains why Teton Springs Lodge & Spa was recently named the "Best Hotel in Idaho" by U.S. News & World Report for the second straight year. The final decision after reviewing over 2,000 luxury hotels in the United States was made by travel industry leaders and hotel guests. There’s no doubt these guys got it right – you be the judge.

Call Teton Springs today for your winter dream vacation – toll free: 877.787.8757, visit


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Strap on Those Boards and Rejoice – Winter is Finally Here

Strap on Those Boards and Rejoice – Winter is Finally Here!

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages
We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Guests flock to Teton Springs Lodge & Spa to enjoy a scrumptious traditional meal of turkey and all the trimmings at the Headwaters Grille. But, that’s not the only reason for this November trek to Teton Valley. The true insiders know that there’s almost a written guarantee that this holiday visit officially kicks off their family ski vacation in style at neighboring Grand Targhee Resort.

This particular resort has a proven track record, and come November, Targhee will typically be the first in the region to offer snow sliding in the Tetons, the true gem of the Rocky Mountains. The Grand Tetons, these truly spectacular and massive slabs of granite, are not just another pretty face. The snow gods winter here, in the shadow of these majestic peaks, and they put out the welcome mat early in the season.

Decades ago, the Friday after thanksgiving was designated as Black Friday, a definite misnomer in these parts. Everyone knows Black Friday marks the official start of the crazy Christmas holiday shopping race and it’s turned the retail world, and their customers, into crazed consumers.

Think about it, who’s silly enough to set the alarm for 2 a.m. (or earlier), just to show up at 4 a.m. (or earlier) to wait in line at Kmart or other box stores simply to have first dibs on the hottest Christmas toy or gadget?

This is another testament to the joy of living in, or visiting, Teton Valley. There’s no super-size stores blocking our spectacular views and the mom and pop retailers here would never dream of opening their doors in the middle of the night. After all, we all need our rest; it’s White Friday at Grand Targhee.

Shopping in the Teton Valley

Yes, shopping is necessary, but let’s keep our priorities straight and shop at home. For both locals and visitors spending the Thanksgiving holidays at Teton Springs Lodge and Spa, there are options galore right here in Teton Valley. If outdoor gear tops the list for Santa, the goods are plentiful. The Victor Emporium in Victor, famous for their huckleberry shakes, also stock their shelves with the latest in sport accessories, fuzzy fur lined shoes and fleece pieces.

Then it’s off to the Mecca of ski and backcountry gear, Driggs, Idaho, where stops must include a look see at Peaked Sports and Yostmark Mountain Equipment. No need to set that alarm, even on Black Friday these guys remain civilized and stores open at 9!

The Teton Valley Winter Holiday Festival

Santa is front and center at the 10th ANNUAL HOLIDAY FESTIVAL & LIGHT PARADE hosted by the City of Victor and Teton Springs Resort Saturday December 1. This event highlights small town living at its absolute best (complete with turkey bowling!). The day is chock full of fun activities throughout Victor, fueled by a hearty pancake breakfast and Holiday Art Show at Teton Springs. Kids can plead their case with Old Saint Nick, complete with a free picture marking the occasion. Mom will enjoy a wide variety of unique treasures created by local artists with nary a super store in site.

Relax at the Spa, Eat Great Food, Enjoy a Fun Skiing Stay and Play Package

The Stillwaters Spa at Teton Springs is unequivocally the nicest spa facility in eastern Idaho and being in the holiday mood, offer incredible specials thru November.

And, who in their right mind wouldn’t find total pleasure receiving a hydraquench, yummy facial or deep tissue massage gift certificate under the tree? Or, the promise of the latest chic haircut by Jill, Julie or Nicole? These are gifts truly worth opening on Christmas Day!

No one does Thanksgiving dinner better than the Headwaters Grille and for those sticking around to ski, the NFL Sundays at the Grille spell pure glee for football fanatics. Stay and ski packages reward snow seekers with a FREE night at the Lodge when you book two over this pilgrim inspired holiday. Now that’s Black Friday at its best.

Tis the season, especially for those memorable winter family vacations in Teton Valley. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

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Gobble Gobble Shuss Shuss Turkey & Skiing are Right Around the Corner

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

Ah, why do I love Teton Valley, let me count the ways. We’ve just turned the corner into November and we’re still playing golf and fishing for Cutthroat. Crazy. This is after skiing Teton Pass, just days ago, when the skies opened up and a healthy dose of high altitude fluff graced our local hills. It’s hard not to be weather crazed when you live in the mountains. After all, so much of our daily life revolves around being & doing in the great outdoors, and when we can’t be outside, we’re obsessing about being outside.

Weather also dominates the news on a regular basis. Having spent my entire formative years at the Jersey shore, my heart breaks with the never ending imagery flashing across my T.V. screen of the unconscionable wrath and rage of Hurricane Sandy. These seaside communities comprise some of the country’s most treasured & breathtakingly beautiful places. It’s truly stomach wrenching watching chunks of your summer vacation memories literally floating in the Atlantic.

We too can have weather challenges living in the Tetons but fortunately not the kind where the National Guard has to be called in. Sometimes we have to deal with too much snow at one time (hehe). But winter storms, even the epic ones, barely slow progress in Teton Valley. Snow, and lots of it, is the fabric of life here and history tells us that once the faucet turns on we’re golden until spring. Music to a skier’s ear for sure.

Come Stay at Teton Springs and Experience the Best Snow on Earth!

Everyone’s gearing up for the inevitable; neighbors are hauling wood, putting visqueen on windows, switching to winter treads, and basically buttoning down the hatches. The local Idaho resorts, as well as Wyoming’s Grand Targhee and the Jackson Hole Ski area, are gearing up for what promises to be another terrific season.

Thanksgiving Time – The Turkey Chase Here

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for many that means more than just turkey, pumpkin pies and football. For excited snow sliders it’s a car stuffed with buddies and gear, or a family ski vacation that’s officially kicking off the winter season. Yes, vertical descents are on the horizon.

But not so fast. We have an important dry land pursuit to take care of before hitting the slopes. Strap on the sneaks; it’s time to raise some money for two terrific non profits in Teton Valley at the annual Turkey Chase 1 mile, 5k and 10k Run (or walk), at Teton Springs Resort. Racers will line up outside the Headwaters Grille on Saturday morning November 17. Mark your calendar!

Fall & Winter – The Best Place to Stay and Relax is Teton Springs

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa is an optimum spot to kick off winter family vacations. The one & two bedroom suites are warm, cozy, roomy, deluxe and… drum roll please, so affordable.

It also appears holiday season brings out the generous spirit in the folks at Teton Springs because when you book two nights at Thanksgiving they throw in the third night FREE. Now that’s something to be truly thankful for! Check out all our Fall vacation packages!

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to count our blessings, not just at Thanksgiving but every day – family, friends, good health, and not to mention, money saving ski and stay packages and endless turns in knee deep powder.

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

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