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Spring in the Tetons and Summer Fun


O.K. It’s not quite summer in our Yellowstone-Teton territory but you sure could have fooled me! Everything is turning on ahead of schedule this year. The amazing Headwaters Golf Club at Teton Springs Resort unveiled the manicured fairways for the many anxious golfers in mid April, a whole month early. The aspens are just about in full bloom, mountain bike tires are inflated and boats are out of dry dock and heading over to Palisades Lake. Fly fishermen are particularly ecstatic given the early dry fly hatches on the nearby South Fork of the Snake and the coveted salmon fly has been spotted on the world-renowned Henry’s Fork River. This warm spring has even the bugs confused. The humming birds’ journey from their winter home is over, arriving a few weeks early to their familiar feeders in Teton Valley. It can’t possibly still be May right?! To have this much fun before Memorial Day, the official start of summer, is absolutely kooky but non-the-less something to be
savored. Fly fishing in the Jackson Hole and Teton area is looking GREAT!

There are so many reasons to celebrate a terrific spring and early summer like we’re enjoying this year. Jackson Hole is a mere 25 minutes away from Teton Springs and you’ll have this authentic western town center virtually all to yourself. Shop and eat at your leisure, and check out the numerous world-class art galleries that dot the iconic town square. Most importantly, don’t forget a stop at the National Museum of Wildlife Art situated directly across from the National Elk Refuge right outside of Jackson. This true Wyoming gem is sure to inspire and features more than 550 artists, giving visitors a detailed study in the history of wildlife through a staggering array of American paintings and sculpture. Not to mention, this museum just celebrated its 25th birthday. Now you’re ready to head to our national parks!

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

This time of year Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks are particularly enticing and it’s a safe bet to say you may actually see more animals than cars heading into these national treasures. Baby bison, elk, mule deer and the hottest ticket in town, mother grizzlies with their young, are also taking in these delightful spring days with utter abandon. Wildlife is in full view everywhere in both Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Parks and the spectacular critters aren’t nearly as cautions this time of year so close viewing is possible. More good news – a seven-day Park Pass is on us! With an extra day for exploring thrown in this Memorial Day Weekend, I would book now! Check out all our Summer Packages at Teton Springs Lodge!

Back at Teton Springs lodge & Spa, you’ll be delightfully exhausted but a relaxing Happy Hour and dinner in the redesigned Headwaters Grille will definitely take the edge off (their recent Happy Hour elk brats were killer!)

Beautiful Outdoor Pool, Hot Tubs, Fountains & Scenery

The pool at the Headwaters Club is another opening early saga so lodging guests will relish a dip in the heated pool and a relaxing afternoon getting rid of that pasty winter white complexion at the pools sunning decks. There’s also nothing that puts you in the vacation mode faster than a poolside lunch. It feels delightfully decadent and the Splash Café at Teton Springs is there to accommodate.

I love this time of year at Teton Springs! The offers are plentiful for a Stay and Play golf special with re-round deals galore. You could just end up playing golf all day long and well into the night.

But, if you need a break from the links, there’s plenty of other things to do while waiting for the full slate of summer activities in this region to kick in. My favorite is the "90 for 60" at the Stillwaters Spa & Salon. These therapists are good – so good, you’ll almost feel guilty getting a 90 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and only paying the 60 minute price (now through May 31 @ $115).

With body parts now perfectly aligned, you’re ready to play a leisure game of tennis, tone those muscles at the fitness center, and maybe get the rust out of your fly casting technique with practice on one of the resort’s stocked ponds.

NEW! THE CADDIS LAKE event site – While strolling the grounds at Teton Springs you also can’t help but notice a flurry of activity going on adjacent to the Lodge. Right now it looks simply like a beautiful deck overlooking the 10th hole of the Headwaters Course. That’s true, but this site will soon be transformed into a summer events center of sorts. If you have ever been to the resort during the summer months, you would have noticed our large tent set up on the grassy landscaped area in front of the lodge & spa. It was a pleasant enough location but did block the view of the mountains while you were getting your locks shortened or having a manicure in the salon. Now with the move to its new home, hopefully by Memorial Day, guests can take in the glorious western sunsets, catch the resident eagle perched nearby, or watch the anxious angler try to lure that illusive trout from Caddis Lake – all from this special place. So, if you know
of anyone getting married, you won’t find a more romantic setting to say "I Do" and what a inspiring place to hold just about any event, company retreat, or the like. The views are staggering, the cost is not. (DECK VIEW PICTURE HERE)

Spring is suddenly the "high season" in terms of fun things to do in the Tetons but it’s also the most affordable time to come. Seems crazy – seems like a must!


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Next Up – Those Lazy, Crazy, Snowy Days of Winter

O.K., I’m taking some liberty with the words to that terrific tune sung by Nat King Cole many moons ago. Winter in the Yellowstone-Teton area is anything but lazy, but it is absolutely crazy, crazy good that is! Do people truly realize the sheer magnitude of our personal playground?! This entire Yellowstone-Teton area is there for our taking. To offer some perspective, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks together total more than 2.5 million acres. Yellowstone Park alone has more acreage that the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Granted, summer and fall seasons present the opportunity to sample a lot more of this area, particularly the backcountry, than say winter. Still, the possibilities for adventure are virtually endless in every season, and all in our very own backyard.

October in the Teton Valley – An Absolute Dream

Personally, I’m not ready to give up these glorious fall days. October has been an absolute dream in Teton Valley. Mother Nature has been ever so kind indeed. In fact, the Headwaters Golf Course at Teton Springs even extended their season for members and resort guests by two full weeks. That’s big! Sure, we had the reality check, around mid-October, when 2 to 3" of snow blanketed the valley floor. That’s pretty typical. I also think in some cosmic way it just happens so people at least start to think about snow tires and packing away their garden hoses. Yeah, October was a real beauty and the fall colors as splendid as I ever seen them.
Now moving on to winter, which just can’t come fast enough. It’s this interim time between seasons that can be so annoying. My snow tires are on, garden hoses secure in the shed (and sadly golf clubs too) and even the visqueen is stapled to unused doors and windows. Ah, looking at the world through opaque plastic. It’s a way of life when you live in the Northern Rockies and your whole life is about dealing with all this fabulous snow. But it’s why we’re here and why visitors come and take a peek for themselves each year. I love winter in the Tetons!

The Best Skiing in the Country is Right Here

Our local partners and friends from Teton Valley Trails and Pathways will start preparing the Nordic track at Teton Springs as soon as possible, usually around Thanksgiving. They sure groom a sweet track! Turkey day also signifies another winter highlight in our valley, the ski lifts at Grand Targhee start going round and round, or at least we hope so. This powder paradise is pretty consistent when it comes to opening its slopes on time and the highly anticipated grand opening for the 2011-12 season is slated for Friday November 24th. The other neighbor to Teton Springs is Jackson Hole Mountain resort, also known as "The Big One" and with good reason. With a solid dose of November snow they too could welcome skiers and snowboarders early. So, we’ll spend the next few weeks glued to the daily snow reports, exploring ski swaps and sport shops searching for the perfect powder skis, tele boards or snowshoes. We will be ready and we’ve got some incredible Winter Skiing packages available to choose from!

Looking for a Thanksgiving Getaway?

There’s something else to be excited about. If you book a few nights at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa over Thanksgiving weekend, they treat you to a night, yes, treat as in absolutely free! Check out some of our very affordable Fall Getaway packages. You can book a comfy lodge room, or a deluxe one or two bedroom suite, or really indulge and stay in one of the totally buffed out mountain log homes that dot the beautiful landscape at Teton Springs. They’re not only knock-out gorgeous but affordable too.

This book two nights and get one night free promotion applies to all the sweet accommodations at this resort so I would book early. At the same time I would also make my reservations for the famously fabulous traditional turkey dinner at the Headwaters Grille. If you insist on making mom’s tried-and-true cranberry stuffing yourself, that’s easy to do. You and the family can make all the fixings’ in your full-kitchen suite or private home.

Don’t Forget to Pamper Yourself While Staying at Teton Springs

There’s one more solid reason to visit Teton Springs over Thanksgiving this year. In the 5,000 square foot Stillwaters Spa & Salon, your 60 minute massage just turned into a 90 minute massage, all for the 60 minute price. After skiing all that powder, you’ll need it. I promise you.

Check out our many affordable and fun vacation and get-away packages, or give us a ring at 877.787.8757 to speak to the nice Guest Services staff. Let’s all make this a Thanksgiving to be truly thankful for; a chance to play in the snow with friends and family. Come on November!

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Everything in the Tetons Simply Feels and Looks Better in September

We grudgingly give up our summers here in the Tetons where the days are endless and inevitably turn into star filled crisp evenings. This is a place where air conditioning simply means cranking open your window a tad wider. Basically, the summer weather is glorious, just about all the time, and even the news worthy natural disasters are dreadful occurrences that only seem to happen somewhere else. It’s easy to understand why so many people call this Yellowstone-Teton area their favorite summer destination. After Labor Day, things tend to quiet down, families have wandered home and the optimum September weather and wide-open & uncluttered roads lure those fortunate enough to embrace the adventures that beckon. I spoke of one such journey in the past but it’s definitely worth another look.

Yellowstone Park  – The Nation’s Finest

Swimming, Golfing, Eating and Much more at Teton SpringsYellowstone National Park is especially enchanting this time of year. The sun glistens on the mountain peaks and it’s prime wildlife viewing season. Wolves are busy teaching their young to hunt while the bears fill their bellies in anticipation of their upcoming hibernation. The elk are in rut and if you’ve never heard an elk bugle, well, it’s a sound truly found only in nature. It’s eerie and surreal and something you won’t soon forget. There are a few ways to reach our first national park from Teton Valley but I’m going to recommend you take your time getting there and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. After all, isn’t that the reason for visiting this land of towering mountains, wild and scenic rivers, rolling sand dunes and fertile open space that seemingly stretches into forever. This is the "off-season," right, so stop, look and listen along the way. You may be amazed at what you’ll find.

The Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop Road is one of America’s most spectacular scenic driving experiences and it’s a worthy journey.

Staying at Teton Springs Resort – Fun for Everyone

INCREDIBLE Golf Package... check it out!You’ll begin your road trip in Victor, with a delightful stay at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa where the pool is heated, the golf magnificent, the food scrumptious and the fish hungry in one of this resort’s many private lakes and ponds.

And the Spa, well; you may just want to consider hanging around for a few days at this property before rushing off anywhere.

I personally recommend the hydraquench body wrap, a signature treatment at the resort’s Stillwaters Spa & Salon. You’ll leave Teton Springs feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and more than ready to begin your journey into wild and scenic Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Beautiful Golf Course at Teton Spring Resort

The Grand Teton Loop Tour takes you north through Teton Valley, an area famous for its potatoes, but also its rich history of explorers, trappers, fur traders, mountain men and Mormon pioneers. Modern day "explorers" take delight in the incredible recreation afforded them here, in just about any season. As you head into Ashton, Idaho, take a break at the Trails Inn for some of Idaho’s best open-faced chicken fried steak. Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, next on the agenda, are two of the last undisturbed waterfalls of consequence in the West and both are easily accessed from the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway.

Fishing, Sightseeing, Bears and Wolves

Yellowstone Park Adventure and FunHope you have your fly rods packed and ready to cast, the famous Henry’s Fork of the Snake River is just steps away and September fishing is on fire!

The town of West Yellowstone is a major gateway into Yellowstone and deserves a look. It’s home to a cool museum, unique and funky shops and the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery center. Give yourself plenty of time in Yellowstone National Park with its 2 million acres to explore, 300 geysers and 10,000 geothermal features. Hope you packed your hiking boots!

It’s a seamless journey from Yellowstone into Teton National Park and the sage filled landscape of this national treasure is a startling contract to the jagged peaks of the Teton Mountain Range. Over fifty miles of Snake River winds through the park and hiking and walking trails are plentiful and all afford staggering views of the Teton Mountains. Dotted with numerous sparkling lakes and incredible wildlife viewing, this could easily be your favorite stop and for that extra "wow factor," stop at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor center.

Jackson Has Something for Everyone

The town of Jackson, Wyoming, is an optimum place to end your official driving tour. This gateway-to-the-parks iconic western town certainly sees its share of summer visitors but gives post Labor Day stragglers all the room they need. There’s a staggering array of shops (more than just cowboy hats & boots!), great dining and entertainment, world-class museums and art galleries and a dizzying array of outdoor activities. And, if you happen to be in town during the 27th Annual Fall Arts Festival September 8-18, that’s even more reason to extend your stay at Teton Springs. You’ll want more than one taste of this internationally acclaimed event and it’s only a 25 mile commute to Jackson from your accommodations at the Lodge at Teton Springs Resort.

You’ll be pleasantly exhausted after your Grand Teton Loop Tour. The nice folks at Teton Springs will tuck you in.
Call 208-787-7888 for fall Lodge specials and upgrades to one and two bedroom suites. Or, sample one of the resort’s deluxe log mountain homes and check out all our amazing fall get-away packages!

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