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I’m afraid to watch the news; I’m afraid to not watch the news. I simply can’t get my head, or heart, around this Gulf oil spill. It is truly a gut wrenching feeling, emotional anguish at its core, with no end in sight.  It’s also intensified a thousand times over when you let yourself really, truly absorb the ramifications.  With over 210,000 gallons of oil per day spewing into the Gulf (by conservative estimates), this could easily prove to be one of the most catastrophic environment disasters in history. Then think about what an incredibly sensitive ecological area this is occurring in, now drowning in huge swaths of brown, thick,
How do you help in a situation like this? In other disasters we send money, clothes, or bottled water and what about the thousands who are or will be out of jobs because of this mess. Hopefully the oil company will be writing those big checks! Then the news stories started to surface talking about how human hair and animal fur are wonderful &effective absorbents for oil. It makes sense. So, what can we do as individuals sitting thousands of miles away feeling so helpless? Cut our hair!

TheStillwaters Spa and Salon at Teton Springs is encouraging people to come into the Salon now and during the next few weeks and get a trim.  The nice ladies at the Salon will sweep it up, bundle it up, box it up and ship it out to a company called Matter of Trust.  There, the hair is stuffed into nylon stockings and used as barriers to prevent oil from reaching the shoreline, or, the hair is made into “oil spill hair mats” and placed directly on the slicks. The Stillwaters Spa will also encourage other salons in the region to do the same.  Pretty cool stuff, especially when you consider that over 300,000 pounds of hair and fur are cut daily in the United States.  As a way of saying “thanks” to the folks coming in at this critical time to get a trim, they are offering a complimentary Day Spa pass (steam rooms, Relaxation Room, hot tubs & spa amenities). Call the Stillwaters Spa & Salon today for your appointment: 208-787 -7250 or fill out our contact form.

Hair – our new renewable resource and it’s almost summer so cut yours. They need it more than we do. Guess it’s time to call the kennels!



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