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ski resort in Idaho that is definitely worth more discussion is Grand Targhee. Some folks familiar with this powder heaven will undoubtedly be picky and point out that this particular Idaho resort in ski country of Teton Valley is actually in Wyoming. Turns out that Grand Targhee is indeed located in the Equality State, but a mere 6 miles inside the Wyoming border. However, the only access to this Idaho ski resort in Alta, Wyoming is by traveling thru a state known more for its delicious potatoes than it is skiing. Resorts in Idaho also consider this one of their very own. So, it’s no wonder that the local residents also make the claim this is one of the premier ski resorts in Idaho.

There are some terrific winter destinations in the spud state, but frankly, any other ski resort in Idaho would be hard pressed to compete with the snow at this “idaho skiing” resort. In Idaho’s ski town of Driggs, the main thoroughfare to Targhee, the ski & snowboard shops focus on high performance gear that will enhance sliding through Targhee’s deep snow. All Idaho resorts in the entire state’s winter guide book, Targhee being one, would likely sell their soul for a share of the consistently light, dry snow that falls on the west slope of the Tetons year after year. But power’s not the only game at this area. Breakthrough ski technology is necessary to maneuver thru the variety of conditions this resort in Idaho’s spectacular Teton basin offers.

The Top Ski Resort in Idaho – Teton Springs

This ski resort is also known for its wide-open and perfectly manicured groomed intermediate runs. This resort in ski country of the Tetons also makes special overtures to its young skiers and snowboarders who find immense joy in the often quirky Idaho ski resort in Wyoming. The area prominently displayed on Targhee’s Trail Map called the “Kids Fun Zone,” is a generous swath of mountain set aside just for them. I’m not sure parents are even allowed to enter this intriguing area of Bat Caves, Gremlin Gulch and the Eyeball Forest. However, skiers beware. Skiing in Idaho’s resort sometimes referred to as “The Ghee” can be habit forming. Other Idaho resorts in ski the Rockies territory never had a chance.

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