Skiing Knee Deep Powder with Blue Skies

Skiing Knee Deep Powder with Blue Skies in the Teton Mountains let’s hope this isn’t just a dream!

News of the recent epic snowstorm in New England, and the destructive aftermath, has really been monopolizing the airwaves lately. This latest weather episode to rock the northeast was significant, no doubt about it. However, it always makes me smile when the national news covers this stuff for days on end. Here in the Tetons, an overnight storm dropping 24" of what the locals call "white gold" barely causes a stir. Of course, Teton Valley doesn’t in any shape or form resemble Boston Massachusetts or, any other American city for that major.

One obvious distinction that separates this relatively tiny hamlet of Teton Valley, Idaho, from anywhere USA, is the fact that heli skiing packages are available at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, which sits nestled off Highway 33 in the south end of the valley. This boutique hotel is the centerpiece of the Teton Springs Resort and offers year-round visitors amazing activities. Winter guests delight in the hotels varied mix-and-match ski and stay packages, including the grand poobah of ski packages – that of heli skiing.

If a day of glorious turns in knee-deep powder, with deep blue skies overhead, mind-blowing Teton Mountain scenery and no lift lines appeals to your sensibilities, then heli skiing should indeed be on the agenda. High Mountain Hel Ski is the premier (and only) heli ski operator in the Tetons and Teton Springs couldn’t ask for a better partner in taking to the skies.

If a family ski vacation is on the docket, perhaps it’s a spring break trip. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa specializes in winter family vacations. The three, four and five bedroom mountain log cabins are luxurious in every way.

Guests are always pleasantly surprised just how affordable these places truly are, especially when they step foot into of these buffed-out cabins. Each home is unique, has literally everything you could possibly need, and more. They’re simply perfect for the family, and, roomy enough that friends can join the party too!

Teton Springs also lists Grand Targhee Resort as a partner in winter recreation, and, the last time I checked the measured snow depth at Targhee was the deepest of any area in the entire country. Not unusual for this Teton valley snow Mecca; they always post the big numbers!

There’s still plenty of time and winter left to book family ski packages to Teton Springs, with deals that include a complimentary night in the lodge, or in one of the sweet log cabins.

There’s Nordic skiing on the resort’s track, door-to-door guided snowmobile trips to Yellowstone National Park, snowshoe treks into the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. That’s just for starters. There are many Winter family activities in the Teton Valley and close by.

The atmosphere is homey and relaxed the staff genuine and this entire property screams quality. Guess that explains why Teton Springs Lodge & Spa was recently named the "Best Hotel in Idaho" by U.S. News & World Report for the second straight year. The final decision after reviewing over 2,000 luxury hotels in the United States was made by travel industry leaders and hotel guests. There’s no doubt these guys got it right – you be the judge.

Call Teton Springs today for your winter dream vacation – toll free: 877.787.8757, visit




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