Stillwaters Spa & Salon Facials and Skincare

Sweet Milk and Lavender Bud Facial

Experience a delightfully refined organic facial treatment which deeply relaxes and wholly hydrates the skin. Using a protein infusion of powerful antioxidants and natural nutrients, skin texture and tone are corrected eliminating visible stress and tiredness while illuminating a luscious and visibly brightened skin.

60 minutes – $125.00

Splendor Rejuvenating Facial

Feel the glow of a young, healthy complexion! Calendula and Vitamin C deeply recondition and rebalance the skin to combat the signs of aging. Elasticity and tone are restored as products bestow skin with renewed silkiness and splendor.

60 minutes – $125.00

Active Pureness Facial

Get a fresh start! Appropriate for all ages, this effective herbal facial focuses on decongestion and purifying skin’s blemished and imperfections. After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, nature’s perfect mask of clay, rose hips, and peppermint will help restore balance and settle any skin irritation.

60 minutes – $125.00

Teen Clean Balance Facial

Our knowledgeable estheticians are here to assist and teach. This instructional facial is designed for teenagers looking for guidance and direction when choosing skin care products for their particular skin type, practicing proper skin care techniques,a nd using products correctly.

60 minutes – $110.00