Stillwaters Spa & Salon Massage Treatments

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth local river stones are heated and used in combination with our penetrating oils to relax over worked muscles. This is a great treatment to raise your core temperature and eliminate toxins.

60 minutes / 90 minutes – $140.00 / $180.00

Swedish Massage

Light to medium massage pressure is applied making this a perfect choice for those new to the spa experience. This massage provides gentle therapy to enhance overall well-being and to increase general circulation.

60 minutes / 90 minutes – $130.00 / $170.00

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Long a favorite among spa enthusiasts and athletes, deep tissue massage successfully releases chronic muscle tension. Utilizing slow strokes and more direct pressure, your therapist works deep into the tight muscles to alleviate stress and soothe muscle soreness.

60 minutes / 90 minutes – $130.000 / $170.00

Pre-Natal Massage

Specialized massage techniques provide gentle relief to tense muscles and aching joints while creating a synergy and increased energy levels. Available during the second and third trimester.

60 minutes / 90 minutes – $130.00 / $170.00

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology can help alleviate ailments throughout the body by simply working the points on the feet. A great treatment for someone that might have an acute injury, but also a great addition to any treatment.

30 minutes / 60 minutes – $65.00 / $110.00

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