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The Tetons sounds like the place to be this Summer

Warm, sun-filled days & cool breezy nights in the Tetons sounds like the place to be this Summer!

Even with all the crazy weather issues our nation has experienced over the past few years, I continue to be shocked, dismayed and totally in awe when I see what is happening again this summer across the country. Seriously. How does it ever get to be 106 degrees in Rapid City in June, and, will poor Florida even have the time to get back on its feet from recent catastrophic floods before their next wave of natural disasters hit, namely hurricane season?! Not to mention the brutal devastation occurring in Colorado. So much of the entire country is way out of whack for sure. Except for the Teton Mountain region, and for that, we are truly blessed.

The first few decades of my life was spent by the ocean. My grandparents owned a gracious home a mere block from the beach in South Jersey (thank goodness before Snooki and company permanently tarnished Jersey’s rep). What a glorious way to spend one’s entire summer vacation with my siblings and occasional stray cousin – covered in warm sand, riding waves and discovering the mysteries of the vast ocean landscape on my uncle’s fishing boat. I just returned back from a trip to the shore, a special place where that first pungent smell of the bay seems to jostle every single memory of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Family Outdoor Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

Coming home to Teton Valley, I had the same flurry of anticipation and excitement as I landed in Jackson Hole and seeing those magnificent Tetons bathed in their evening light. Those jagged peaks rising into the cloudless sky always evoke an array of emotions in my heart as they seem to almost reach out and greet me like an old friend. As I touched down on Wyoming soil I also realized that I’ve celebrated an equal number of birthdays living both by the sea and in these glorious mountains – how did I ever get to be so darn lucky!

Yep, it’s good to be home, and fortunately for us "locals" and guests visiting the area, it’s easy to get here from virtually anywhere. Flying into Jackson Hole offers the traveler an incredible sense of arrival with the airport flanked by the iconic Tetons and the impressive Gros Ventre Mountains to the east. It’s also the only airport in the entire country located in a national park, the spectacular Grand Teton National Park no less. That explains why when you exit this airport you immediately spot an elk or two wandering through a herd of Bison and a moose leisurely enjoying an evening snack in the Snake River (just look for a gaggle of humans holding cameras.)

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa guests also have the option of landing in Idaho Falls, a thoroughly modern & truly a lovely and stress-free facility.

While you may not spot the moose on your way to the resort driving the eastern Idaho route to Teton Springs, the short trip is equally as beautiful as you follow the Snake River surrounded by endless acres of wheat & barley bending in the breeze. Don’t forget to stop at the scenic overlook and when you reach Swan Valley, stop and sample one of their famous square ice cream cones. You’ll be finished it just as you drive into the resort.

Luxury Log Cabins, Beautiful Lodge Rooms

Hope you’re planning on a long excursion; there’s just so much to do, for all ages. Your lodging options will also cause your head to spin – but in a good way! My friends recently stayed in one of the luxury log mountain homes, and everything was deluxe but the price. It’s amazing how affordable these well-appointed and beautiful 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes are and what a terrific place to come home to in the evening after a full, action packed day. Put your feet up on the patio, take in the scenery and plan tomorrow’s adventures. Lodge rooms and suites are also a crowd pleaser and it’s now easier than ever to book online.

Teton Springs Resort straddles the Wyoming/Idaho border, an area known for its natural resources and unlimited adventure opportunities. As a guest of Teton Springs Lodge, the term "perfect day" takes on many different meanings – enjoying the resort’s 25 meter pool and hot tubs, basketball and tennis courts, fitness center, reeling in that monster cutthroat in one of the resorts’ stocked ponds (we offer instruction too – for all ages!), a family-fun golf outing on the Par 3 golf course (or championship 18-hole Headwaters Golf course), and taking in the neighborhood on a mountain bike, which just happens to be the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Yellowstone Wildlife and Scenic Tour

Both the kids and adults will remember this outing for a lifetime! A comfortable Suburban pulls up outside your lodge door and off you go to Yellowstone National Park. It’s the only way to go – no distractions that come with driving yourself through the park and your professional guide points out all the breathtaking scenery and points-of-interest along the way. Your tour of Yellowstone is a full-day filled with information on the park’s history, its eye-popping geological formations (Old Faithful is just the most famous but you’ll see others that will take your breath away) and you’ll learn about the Native Americans and settlers who roamed and lived in this area years ago.

There are frequent stops for pictures and time to truly experience our country’s first national park. Your viewfinder will likely focus in on deer, elk, bears, buffalo, moose and other animals and birds living in this splendid and natural environment. You will also stop at the most spectacular Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. We’ve got Summer vacation packages for the couple and entire family!

Contact the nice folks at the Lodge desk for details and pricing @

Book your trip to the Tetons now. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect time to be here! Call 877.787.8757 and visit Teton Springs Lodge. The real memories start here!

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