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June Fitness Camp


I’ve never been one to sign up for a camp, of any kind. As a kid I frustrated my parents year after year with my total lack of interest in summer camps of any nature. I was never even remotely lured by the glossy brochures showing kids clearly having a blast playing in a sparkling lake and eating all the s’mores they could ever want around an evening campfire. It’s not that there wasn’t virtue in the prospects of meeting new friends, perhaps learning to build my own cabin, or trying to be the next rock star or basketball prodigy. I just wasn’t intrigued by the group dynamic thing. I guess it’s the same reason why I’ve never joined a gym or should I say “athletic club,” as they’re so fashionably called these days.

Well, my mom will finally be happy. I’ve found a camp that I’m doing cartwheels over and can’t wait to sign up for, s’mores or no s’mores. It’s the “Just for Women Walking, Running & Fitness Camp” happening this June 2-5 at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. You don’t have to be an athlete to have heard of the camp’s host, Lisa Smith-Batchen. Lisa lives in Teton Valley and is one of North America’s greatest women’s (and men’s too) running and fitness instructors to have ever roamed the planet. She’s also one of the greatest runners to have ever roamed the planet. I’m also sure given Lisa’s super-human racing resume, that she has literally circled the globe many times over the old fashioned way, putting one foot in front of the other.

This camp certainly isn’t Lisa’s first rodeo, as she has hosted, along with her husband Jay Batchen (also an elite ultra-runner), numerous running and fitness camps in Teton Valley (for kids too!). It’s all part of their Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club and while Lisa’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention I’m compelled to list a few. You’ll also note that some of Lisa’s most ambitious goals and proudest achievements are not about being one of the world’s premier ultra-runners, or the recognition she continues to receive that continuously drives her; it’s more about the humanitarian efforts she has spearheaded on behalf of the world’s poor and needy, particularly the children.

A mere “sampling” of Lisa Smith Batchen’s professional accomplishments:

  • Two 1st place finished in Badwater Ultra marathons (competed in 9)
  • First and only American female to win Marathon des Sables Ultra marathons
  • 1st person to ever run from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney
  • Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run
  • Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race
  • Hawaiian Ironman Championships
  • Created the Dreamchasers Foundation – Dreamchasers is dedicated to raising funds to help needy women and children around the world to survive and succeed
  • "Running Hope Through America” – completed a 2,500 mile run in two months raising money for orphans

Lisa’s walk, run and hiking camp will be beneficial, fun, inspirational, and just overall terrific for beginners to advanced runners of all ages. Participants will be partnered with women of the same ability so interested gals out there shouldn’t be intimidated in any way; this isn’t your hard-core run to the top of the Grand Tetons kind of camp (Lisa does offer those too!). Lisa’s guest coaches include Barbra Metz Lindquist, also a valley resident, and a former Olympic Triathlete (Athens, Greece 2003 games) and Doctor Annie Fenn, a Jackson Hole, Wyoming Women’s Health Practitioner for over 20 years. I know all of these women personally, and frankly, you couldn’t ask for a more dynamic team to lead this fitness charge.

The other huge benefit to this camp is you’ll get to spend three nights in the deluxe Teton Springs Lodge & Spa and all the amenities of this year-round resort environment.

After your yoga class, hike and fitness sessions with Lisa, head into the Stillwaters Spa & Salon for that well-deserved sports massage or take a dip in the pool or a soak in the hot tub. It’s all here for the taking.

So, start this summer off with a fitness bang! For a complete run down on the second annual “Just for Women Walking, Running & Fitness Camp” and a chance to hike, bike and run on the most gorgeous trails in the northern Rockies. Visit Dreamchaserevents or book your package with the nice folks at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa.

Hey, after this camp, you may just join that gym!

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Teton Springs Resort Salutes Local Hero Lisa Smith-Batchen

I get tired just thinking about running 5 miles and then Lisa Smith-Batchen comes into my mind, and suddenly, I’m ashamed of myself. If you’re not familiar with Lisa “super woman” Smith-Batchen you soon will be. Lisa has long been a local hero to those of us who work, play, walk and run with her in Teton Valley, Idaho. Teton Springs Resort has a proud history with Lisa and recently hosted her “80 For Haiti” event where Lisa and friends walked/ran 80 miles to benefit children of Haiti. Lisa now has millions of new admirerers thanks to a recent interview on CNN News, a short run with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America and countless other east coast news outlets. Lisa is known internationally as a top endurance athlete and is the only American woman who has snagged the top prize at the “Marathon des Sables,” a 150 mile race thru the Sahara Desert. Tired yet?

Why all the hoop-la. Lisa’s latest & craziest scheme is to raise awareness, but more importantly, money, to help millions of orphans in the U.S. and around the world by running 50 miles in 50 states. What’s the big deal you say? We’re not talking a leisure 2,500 mile run that’s a summer project; Lisa will attempt to complete this marathon upon marathon upon marathon in a mere two months. Through her non-profit Dreamchaser Foundation, Lisa, accompanied by a meager but dedicated support crew, hopes to raise $1,000,000 with this “Running Hope Through America” event. All donations will benefit event partners; AIDS Orphans Rising, the Caring House Project and the Orphan Foundation of America.

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to participate in this history-making event. Runners & walkers of all abilities are encouraged to join Lisa in their state as she crosses America Join us on Saturday, June 19th for a flat & scenic trek around Teton Springs Resort as Lisa makes her emotional way to the finish line at the historic Spud Drive-In Theater in beautiful Teton Valley, her home and ours. A special thanks to the Teton Springs Foundation for their recent $5,000 donation to support Lisa’s Running Hope Through America! I suddenly think I can easily muster 5 miles & open my wallet for orphans everywhere. Will you?

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