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One Teton Resort that appeals to visitors looking to stay in shape, even while on vacation, is Teton Spring Lodge & Spa located at the Teton Springs Resort in the quaint town of Victor Idaho. At first glance it may not be obvious that this upscale resort with its immaculate landscaping, glistening ponds & lakes, pristine golf courses and full service Spa & Salon indeed enjoys quick access to some of the more diverse, and sometimes grueling, year-round activities. One recreational pursuit in particular that draws summer visitors of all ages and backgrounds to Teton Springs is the quest to climb the world-class mountains unique to this Yellowstone-Teton area.

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Teton ResortThis Teton lodging on the Idaho/Wyoming border makes it convenient to reach Grand Teton National Park, home to the Exum School of Climbing, which attracts clients from around the world. The experienced climbers that stay at our Teton resort gather in this ruggedly beautiful environment looking to conquer one of the many peaks in the Teton mountain range. They are joined by the neophyte climber who is drawn to this area to learn a new skill and possibly achieve a milestone event. For ever level of climber, to actually summit the Grand Teton is an incredible & worthy accomplishment. Most vacations don’t offer the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal such as this.

Teton Springs is one particular Teton resort that appeals to all visitors making a trek to explore these iconic Wyoming Mountains. New guests recognize even before arrival that the amenities and services at Teton Springs are not typical of your average resort, Teton specific. This same appreciation for quality leads clients to the Exum School, easily one the most prestigious climbing organizations on the globe. When your goal is to scale the Grand Teton, going with experienced guides easily becomes the top priority. Exum guides all of the Teton peaks but are also specialists in Wyoming’s Wind River Range as well.

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