Teton Valley Welcomes the Official Start of Winter

Snowflakes, Snowcats, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Snowboarding… Teton Valley Welcomes the Official Start of Winter!

I love being in a place where there is a clear distinction for when the seasons change. Four times a year it’s almost as if we’re treated to a sense of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, a different set of clothes, other toys! It’s not this way for everyone, or everywhere. The transition from one season to the next, like when fall ends and winter begins, doesn’t necessarily mean much more than a date on the calendar to most folks. Given it inevitably happens right before Jolly Old Saint Nick arrives with the promise of goodies for all doesn’t help. Talk about some heavy competition. However, the arrival of winter always meant something special to me, but I’d venture to say that in general, the official start of winter just doesn’t warrant much fanfare.

Aweseome Winter Getaway Skiing Packages

I always thought that winter made its grand debut on December 21st. It was something that I just counted on, never questioned, and always celebrated. However, it can actually fall on the 22nd, as is the case in 2011. I can adjust. A day here or there certainly doesn’t really have much effect on weather in the northern Rockies. And, one could easily say the seasons get a tad muddled here in the Tetons more often than not, a place where it’s not all that unusual to see snow in July, and temps in November that begs golf attire. If you’re a golfer, don’t get too excited; the promise of November pars and tee times tend to be very short lived.

Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Luxury Winter Cabins

Winter typically arrives with vengeance in the Tetons. That’s why so many flock to eastern Idaho and western Wyoming, and in particular, Teton Valley. It’s a magical place where the amount of snowfall annually is almost as legendary as the magnificent mountains in this Yellowstone region. This year is no different. November delivered on the promise of big snow for the 2011-12 season. Both Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resorts opened by Thanksgiving weekend after a huge weather front dropped copious amounts of the beautiful white stuff. Even better, Teton Springs Lodge is located between Targhee and Jackson Hole! Turkey dinners were gobbled with one foot out the door; skiers had been patient and now they would rather taste their rewards. Online snow reports for Jackson Hole can be viewed online.

There’s no looking back. Targhee was also able to open more terrain and all their lifts by mid-December and the snow is once again piling up. This is an impressive feat indeed given the short supply of December precipitation in general throughout the Rockies. Many ski areas are sadly still anxiously waiting for the skies to open over their particular resort. It will happen, it always does.

So, it’s apparent once again, the Tetons rock! Both Targhee and Jackson Hole blaze the way into winter with typical aplomb and I note, with more notoriety than usual. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was recently named the "Top Ski Resort in North America" by Forbes Magazine – wow! Everyone at Tetons Springs Lodge & Spa is more than proud to call this magnificent place our neighbor!

Anyone for an Amazing Heli Skiing Adventure?

Go HeliSkiing in Idaho

For those girls and boys who were very, very good this past year, perhaps a heli ski trip, with 305,000 acres of primo terrain in the Tetons included, was found under the tree. http://www.heliskijackson.com/ (batteries included!) Teton Springs Lodge & Spa has again joined forces with High Mountain Heli-Skiing to offer this once-in-a-lifetime powder ski experience.  The chopper picks you up in Teton Springs Resort, just steps from the Lodge or luxury mountain cabin. It appears that exemplary service and snow go hand in hand at Teton Springs!

Snowmobiling at it’s Best!

For those who want to experience the exhilaration of swooshing thru the fluffy POW can spend the day on the back of a snowmobile. Taking a sled into the backcountry is a terrific alternative to strapping boards on one’s feet. You’ll still get the adrenalin rush, view wildlife in their winter environment, all while enjoying spectacular scenery. In keeping with Teton Valley’s reputation as the recreation capitol of the west, snowmobiling gets top billing. The folks at Teton Valley Adventures will even pick you up at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa and you’re off for a snowmobile experience of a lifetime!

Don’t Forget to Pamper Yourself at Stillwaters Spa

Stillwater Spa in the Teton Valley

You won’t have to travel far; you can enjoy miles of snowmobile trails in the Big Hole Mountains just minutes from the lodge. This terrain is well suited for the family new to the sport or for the seasoned rider looking to conquer new terrain. You’ll be back in time for that deep-tissue massage the resort’s Stillwaters Spa is famous for!

There’s still time to book holiday reservations at Teton Springs. Fortunately they’re still feeling the Christmas spirit and offering 20% off holiday lodging. Given the snow at these local resorts demand will be high – so book now. After all, winter is officially here; doesn’t matter what the silly calendar says! Check out our affordable Winter Getaway Packages.



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