Grand Targhee Skiing

comes in many shapes and flavors. There are the standard groomed runs, although it’s apparent pretty quickly that there’s not much about the snow or this mountain, or skiing Grand Targhee in general that’s standard fare. There’s the coveted powder reserves where the snow brushesyour cheeks with every turn and your goggles cloud up with your own heavy breathing. Long meandering ski trails, with the longest at 2 & ½ miles in length, are hardly conducive to taking a break. There are no dreaded cat tracks in the middle of the run forcing you take a breather. You never want this ride to stop.

The Best Lodging when at Grand Targhee Skiing: Teton Springs

The Grand Targhee skiing experience also includes a magical place called “Middle Earth.” You feel like you’re in on a well-kept secret among brothers when you arrive at Middle Earth. It’s tucked away on the south end of Grand Targhee’s Ski area boundary and skiing or snowboarding in this mystical corner of the resort is a unique experience every time. It’s a terrain park literally created and maintained by the natural elements, and truth be known, at Mother’s Nature complete whim. There’s no grooming in Mother Earth. The wind and sun and new snow recreate this rolling landscape throughout the day. Every trip through here is different. Grand Targhee Lodging and staying at Teton Springs Resort gives you the best of both worlds!

Grand Targhee skiing also includes two additional and more traditional terrain parks to sample while you’re here. In addition to “Middle Earth,” there’s a beginner park over in the “Fun Zone” of the resort. This particular section is dedicated to beginner slopes, magical areas for kids and rolling slopes where Grand Targhee ski school introduces neophytes to the sport. You’ll see kids and adults alike playing in this area. Skiers and riders quickly graduate to Grand Targhee’s ski and Snowboard Park that is geared more to the intermediate and advanced snow sliders. There’s big jumps in this park – enjoy the ride!

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