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With winter quickly approaching, I would suspect that the State of Idaho’s Tourism Division is once again igniting all of their creative juices in a gallant attempt to try and convince winter sports fans everywhere just how extraordinary Idaho skiing really is. When your typical ski enthusiast ponders glorious days kicking up copious amounts of powder under bright sunshine and deep blue skies, skiing Idaho’s mountains is probably not at the forefront. It should be. Why should Utah and Colorado get all the glory when Idaho ski areas can easily rival their Rocky Mountain neighbors with legitimate claims to some of the best snow and ski conditions in the entire country. And snow notwithstanding, Idaho ski resorts are truly gems in their own right.

Idaho Skiing is the Best in the Country – Teton Springs will make it Better

In addition to Idaho skiing, the Gem State is actually home to some of the best year-round recreation in the great American West. It’s a big state, sitting north of Utah and adjacent to Washington & Oregon. It’s important to mention its geographic designation and the fact that Idaho and Iowa are often confused as one and the same. They are indeed different places, worlds apart in fact. For those familiar with the spud state, it’s Idaho’s wild rivers, towering mountains and wide-open spaces that garners most of the attention, especially for the summer visitor. The state continues to make a credible case for the many benefits of skiing Idaho and even created a catchy vanity plate that promotes their ski Idaho mantra. For those who take the bait and sample Idaho’s ski slopes, there’s no turning back, we have some of the best winter skiing packages around!

While Boise State football has brought much needed national attention to the state of Idaho, skiing aficionados should take a closer look at the myriad of winter activities this state in the magnificent Pacific Northwest can claim. Idaho ski resorts offer visitors a wide assortment of on-snow adventures including, but certainly not limited to, downhill skiing. Idaho’s potatoes will always take the thunder away from any other claim to fame Idaho may aspire to, but the plain and simple truth remains – Idaho ski resorts are some of the best in the country and continually post some of the best snow conditions in the Rockies. When Idaho skiing beckons it’s smart to heed the call. Ski Idaho – has a nice ring to it!

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