Family Ski Resorts

The winter recreation enthusiast looking for family ski resorts, particularly a family ski resort with all the groovy amenities and bells and whistles, have incredible choices at their fingertips. In fact, there are probably not many ski areas in the entire country that don’t at some level tout themselves as a family ski resort. Then you have the ski area as opposed to the ski resort. Family ski areas are typically smaller recreation areas unlike today’s mega resorts. Family ski areas conjure up the image of one small cozy lodge at the base of a mountain with smoke billowing out of the chimney, wet mittens drying by the fire and the wall lined with skis. These types of places of this nature unfortunately are becoming dinosaurs, a throwback to yesteryear and what was once the classic family ski resort.

The Best Family Ski Resorts in Idaho

There are now huge expectations for family ski resorts. When winter vacation seekers look for that perfect place to get away to suite their personal needs, the criteria has changed dramatically over the years. There’s a very precise check-list of what needs to be available at a particular destination and, it’s not just about the skiing. Family resorts need to offer off-snow activities in addition to traditional snowboarding, skiing, sledding and other snow activities. Resorts family style also need to serve up great entertainment and restaurants, all in close proximity to their favorite place to stay. Ski areas that have survived have made dramatic improvements to their infrastructure and have successfully evolved into the family ski resort destination.

Suitable accommodations seem to be the most critical component for a good family ski resort. A rustic and drafty cabin or a cramped, damp lodge room simply doesn’t work with today’s traveler. The demand calls for spacious and comfortable rooms, like what you’ll find at an established location. Ski families will find all of this and more in a tiny hamlet in eastern Idaho Skiing at Teton Springs Resort. Skiing families will appreciate the spacious & comfortable lodge rooms, deluxe one and two bedroom suites and the three, four and five bedroom signature cabins that dot the landscape at this beautiful resort. Skiing families won’t mind the short commute to the neighboring resorts.

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