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The best family winter getaways are those where the particular destination is easy to reach, promises lots of fun once you arrive, with little or no hassle to actively pursue the activities on everyone’s list. This is precisely why Teton Springs Lodge & Spa appeals so heavily to winter enthusiasts, young and old alike, regardless of where they’re from. Teton Springs is especially enthusiastically received by the more regional visitor, those fortunate enough to live in close proximity to this full service year-round hotel & spa nestled quietly in the village section of the premier Teton Springs Resort.

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Family Winter GetawaysThe best family winter getaways should also have a strong perceived value component, and in this category, Teton Springs Lodge & Spa gets top ratings. Guests from neighboring Idaho Falls or Jackson Hole, Wyoming, take advantage of the terrific winter ski packages at their disposal at the Springs, a favorite Teton Valley hideaway. Or, many simply arrive with multiple spa treatments booked at the tranquil Stillwaters Spa, located on the first floor of the Lodge. This is truly a luxury resort, albeit affordable, and offers the best of all worlds – an extraordinary combination of upscale amenities and endless recreation activities. Teton Springs offers a wide range of family getaway winter packages.

One of the more popular outdoor pursuits on family winter getaways to Teton Valley is snowmobiling. This fun activity always gets top billing with virtually everyone in the family. There’s also no real learning curve for a family ski vacations. Everyone can ride a sled with some basic instruction and there are plenty of trails, suited to every ability and experience level in Teton Valley. Probably best for the neophyte to discover the wonders of this Teton region with a snowmobile guide at the lead. After all, you wouldn’t t want to miss that eagle soaring above the ridge, or a moose breaking trail thru snow laden trees. This winter family getaway is sure to be something extra special.

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