Grand Targhee Ski

Grand Targhee Ski Resort knows a thing or two about what it takes to run a world-class operation in a remote area of the continental United States. Alta, Wyoming, even though it’s only about 13miles as the crow flies from Jackson Hole, Wyoming was barely a dot on the map prior to Targhee’s humble beginnings. Now however, anyone who is familiar with this gem appreciates what a true gift it was, for anxious skiers in the entire Rocky Mountain area, when Targhee’s grand skiing made its debut. Grand Targhee Ski Resortofficially opened its doors, and more importantly its slopes, with much fanfare on December 1969.

Grand Targhee Ski area was the brainchild of local farmersand ranchers in eastern Idaho, primarily families from Teton Valley, who were more than anxious to create an economic engine for this agriculturally based community. The 1960’s were anything but kind to valley pioneers and their children. It’s also not an understatement to say that times were extremely challenging in this lovely hamlet set dramatically in the shadow of the Teton Mountains. Since jobs were scarce, young adults were leaving their much loved hometown to search for prosperity elsewhere. Fortunately, the innovative spirit of the local residents prevailed; they went to work on a solution that would protect their future and that of their children. The formation of a resort plan would be the culmination of dreams coming true for local ski enthusiasts and businessmen alike.

Grand Targhee Ski, Eat, and Play

Community leaders got creative. Conceptually the idea of Grand Targhee Ski resort was formed and a board of directors created in the mid 60’s. They knew instinctively that the Teton Mountains, looming large and grand in their own backyard, was the key to their future. These mountains had always been their playground and their love of snow and these cherished hills solidified the plan. Build ski lifts and they will come, and boy did they ever. And so, the mantra, “Ski Grand Targhee” was born and a future for many realized, and to this day, Targhee skis grand.

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Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages
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