Grand Targhee Ski Resort

The folks at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa sure appreciate thatGrand Targhee Ski Resort is in their backyard. This recreation area in Alta, Wyoming has slowly developed its programs over the years and offers adventure seekers, of all ages and interests, so many things to experience. It’s not so much that the physical plant has changed dramatically since that first chairlift was turned at Targhee Ski Resort. Grand though the environment is, the base remains small, a quaint village surrounded by ski lifts on all sides. It’s definitely easy to find your way around this ski resort. Grand Targhee prides itself on making a visit hassle free.

Stay at Teton Springs while Skiing at Grand Targhee Ski Resort

Grand Targhee Ski Resort is all very uncomplicated and self-contained, thus, making it easy for visitors, especially families, to maneuver around this ski resort. Grand Targhee guests arriving at the 8,000 base will be delighted to find even the parking is close to the village area and lifts. There’s also a drop off area for families, directly in front of the lodge. This gives mom and dad that first needed break of the day. There’s no schlepping the little ones kids in their ski boots for what often seems like miles thru a myriad of parking lots to reach this Grand Targhee ski resort.

This same family visiting Grand Targhee Ski Resort will find what they need at the base to stay warm, ride the high altitude white waves, or, simply refuel after a few pleasure powder runs. Phat Fred’s is the stop for everything snowboarding including a state-of-the-art snowboard stone grinder to keep that board in tip-top shape. Trust me, this stuff is important. Next stop is Teton Mountain Outfitters which will guarantee to put anygear head into a feeding frenzy. Here you’ll find what’s currently hot in the ski world of fashion, and function. There’s also a General Store to pick up that energy drink; you’re going to need it after a day of ripping it up at Grand Targhee Ski Resort.

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