Heli Skiing Colorado

What skier or snowboarder doesn’t want to go heli skiing. Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming are among the states in the Lower 48 that offer this incredible service. Skiing Colorado, heli and lift served snow sliding, was once considered the benchmark for any Rocky Mountain winter excursion. Granted, not everything snow worthy happens out west. There’s quite the variety of ski areas on the east coast to choose from. Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Pennsylvania, to name a few eastern states, can claim plenty of downhill options for the throngs of folks who call the eastern seaboard home. In fact, east coast areas have historically produced some of the best skiers in North America. The benefits of evenColorado’s heli skiing can’t claim that!

However, there seems to be a natural progression of sorts. Once you grow proficient on your skies and board, and maybe grow a tad weary of your local ski haunt, everyone dreams of heli skiing Colorado. O.K. that may be an exaggeration and a huge jump in aspirations for the average skier and boarder, but you get the drift. It’s simply that for many diehards east of the Mississippi, a ski vacation in the Rocky Mountains is something most will aspire to and have on their “must do next” list and that includes visiting destination ski resorts in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Heli skiing is then a natural progression from there.

Heli Skiing Colorado Doesn’t Compare to Idaho

However, the reality is, Wyoming and their neighbor Idaho, can lay claim to some of the most quality and extraordinary heli skiing. Colorado, move over. High Mountain Heli-Skiing is one such example. High Mountain Heli-Skiing has been in operation in the Jackson Hole area for well over 30 years and represents the gold star standard for heli ski operations. This winter season will find High Mountain Heli-Skiing at the Teton Springs Resort in Victor, Idaho, a short hop over Teton Pass from Jackson. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, the premier lodging property and spa in the Teton Springs Community, and High Mountain Heli-Skiing, just feels like a natural fit and the beginning of a long marriage if you will. Both are quality operations with guest satisfaction as their primary goal, and out their back door, world-class heli skiing. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain High will have to belong to John Denver a tad longer. Check out our Luxury Winter Heli Skiing Packages online today!

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