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One of the key elements that make heli skiing Jackson Hole so attractive is the opportunity to glide thru untracked powder all day long. It’s an odyssey into the glorious backcountry, where few venture except for the more experienced skier or snowboarder. When Jackson Hole heli skiing you’ll enjoy a unique natural mountain experience and even with little or no experience, you’ll feel confident knowing that you have expert guides at your side. It’s a great feeling venturing into a mountain environment unencumbered by the structure and regulations one has to follow when sliding downhill at any given resort. However, accessing the mountains using traditional ski lifts does make the process easy.

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Heli Skiing Jackson HoleWhen heli skiing Jackson Hole, the guides at High Mountain Heli Skiing will choose the particular mountain terrain for that day with the confidence that everyone in the party will soon be creating their own lines. For all skiers and snowboarders, breaking through pure, soft, virgin powder snow is the ultimate high and clients are willing to spend more to experience this unique service. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa offers package trips into the vast Teton Range and surrounding mountains with partner High Mountain Heli Skiing. Taking advantage of heli ski packages at the lodge turns this trip into an affordable excursion.

High Mountain Heli Skiing, true pioneers in the helicopter ski business, enjoyed instant success when they started heli skiing Jackson Hole terrain back in the 70’s. Their formula was one that many heli ski companies would later follow; choose the mountains promising the most consistent snow, and not just any snow, but nature’s purest powder snow. This usually means high altitude terrain and low humidity. They also adhere to the golden rule of always providing stellar customer service, one of the hallmarks of any successful venture. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa also follow this guest service philosophy making for a successful partnership between these two companies.

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