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Heli snowboarding Wyoming terrain is an experience that has to top every avid snowboarder’s “must to” list. The folks at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa know from fielding numerous calls from excited prospects just how enticing heli boarding actually is. This is one of the most amazing, if not the best way, a snowboarder and the avid skier for that matter, can experience the dynamic and vast all-mountain terrain in North America’s most pristine area. Even given the natural terrain features many resort areas are promoting, nothing comes close to Wyoming’s heli snowboarding, particularly in the Teton Range known for its challenging, and often very rugged backcountry conditions.

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Heli Snowboarding WyomingHeli snowboarding Wyoming backcountry slopes is considerably different in many ways then sliding around the mountain at a traditional resort. Once you purchase a lift ticket, you pretty much have to follow the regulations imposed by that particular ski area. These guidelines and sometimes hard fast rules are normally displayed in very conspicuous locations around the mountain, often on the chairlifts themselves. These recommendations for how to safely enjoy winter sports are set forth in the official “Skiers and Snowboarders Responsibility Code,” and even sanctioned by the National Ski Areas Association. Known throughout the industry as simply NSAA, this heli snowboarding Wyoming trade organization is a leader in many aspects of the winter sports industry.

While the NSAA is not particularly interested in the Heli snowboarding Wyoming operating policies, they do carry a lot of weight in the snow industry overall. This organization represents over 300 resorts across the country and they actively promote the latest on-snow product research & give notice to the hottest gear hitting the slopes. They also present current research information on the safety equipment available to snowboarders, particularly the controversial helmet issue of recent years. It appears from the latest data that helmet use among snowboarders continues to rise each and every winter. It’s also a question heli boarders will ask Teton Springs Lodge staff – “should we wear a helmet?” The best response, know the code!

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