High Mountain Heli Skiing

High Mountain Heli Skiing is synonymous with Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I guess that’s to be expected when a company has been providing such a unique service for over 35 years. Reminds me of T. V. commercial that ended with, “A name you can Trust.” That’s what High Mountain Heli Skiing says to me; experience, consistency and trust. It’s a brand. Anyone thinking of heli skiing for the first time, and even the most experienced heli skier, would be comforted knowing that three decades plus of expertise is at the controls of the ship. With the seasoned guides strapped in alongside you, a high mountain heli ski trip means you’re headed to the top of the world where the possibilities to experience the time of your life are endless.

High Mountain Heli Skiing in Idaho and Wyoming

High Mountain Heli Skiing has recently moved their operation from Jackson Hole to neighboring Victor, Idaho. That’s the big change for 2011. What hasn’t changed is the 305,000 acres of terrain available to High Mountain’s heli ski guests in the extraordinary Yellowstone-Teton country backcountry. Guests can find themselves savoring the goods in both Idaho and Wyoming as High Mountain Heli Ski experts hand pick the optimum locations for that special elevation-cured famous Wyoming & Idaho powder. Guests will savor deep snow descents in scenic glades, steep chutes, tree-laden forests and wide open slopes in terrain hand-picked in the Teton, Snake River and Palisades Mountain Ranges. Teton Springs has wonderful Heli Skiing packages for the family and friends.

High Mountain heli skiing is obviously not suited for everyone but it is compatible with skiers and snowboarders who measure up to an advanced and expert level of competency. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, Teton Valley’s only upscale year-round property, offers the Ultimate Heli-Ski Adventure” which includes a guided heli ski trip with High Mountain Heli-Skiing but also a warm up day on the lifts at Grand Targhee Resort. Targhee is known as America’s powder capital of North America so well suited to the task.

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages
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