Jackson Hole Heli Skiing

When you think about it, and especially when you say it out loud, Jackson Hole Heli Skiing rolls off the tongue so naturally. What could possibly beat this winning combination for the ultimate winter adventure; visiting the Jackson Hole – Yellowstone & Teton region of Wyoming and heli skiing. Jackson Hole, located on the western end of the cowboy state, is to put it mildly, breathtakingly magnificent. In fact, it would be a formidable challenge to name many locations in North America, or the world for that matter, where the mountains are as ruggedly beautiful, while still virtually untamed, as Jackson Hole.

In addition to the wide myriad of other winter activities available here, a Jackson Hole heli ski trip seems, well, almost a natural adventure to add to anyone’s “must do” list! The premier Jackson Hole Heli skiing operation, High Mountain Heli Skiing, is ironically enough not based out of Jackson Hole these days. Their operation, along with the chopper, resides at Teton Springs Resort in Victor, Idaho, a scenic hop over Teton Pass by car. The heart of the Teton Springs Resort community is the upscale Teton Springs Lodge & Spa and this luxury hotel now serves as the official home base for the staff at High Mountain Heli Skiing. Our great heli skiing packages and top heli-skiing in the US are second to none, give us a ring at 877-787-8757 and find out more.

Jackson Hole Heli Skiing at it’s Finest

High Mountain Heli Skiing also happens to be the only option for genuine Jackson Hole heli skiing in this entire region. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, a close neighbor to the iconic western town of Jackson, is located only 25 miles east of Jackson Hole. That’s why Teton Springs Lodge is a logical and appealing choice for all skiers and snowboarders visiting the Teton region. For those wishing to sample the more traditional way of sliding downhill, two of the nation’s best resorts are within a half hour drive of Teton Springs. Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resorts appeal to all skier and boarder levels and this entire area also offers incredible off mountain activities for the entire family. Best to combine a day or two at the resorts along with that Jackson Hole heli ski trip for that dream vacation!

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