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Jackson Hole snowboarding is normally thought of as an activity reserved for just the more proficient snowboarder. While it’s true that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is particularly notorious for offering skiers and snowboarders some of the steepest terrain in the Lower 48, they haven’t ignored the intermediate and beginner snow slider. In recent years this mountain, the pride of Wyoming, has carved out a sizable portion of in-bounds terrain perfectly suited to the neophyte rider. You often see even toddlers carving turns on the lower section of this massive mountain. Their Ski School enjoys a solid reputation for teaching beginners the Idaho snowboard packages basics, while also instilling a respect for this mountain environment.

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Jackson Hole SnowboardingThe Jackson Hole snowboarding community turns out more than their fair share of reputable snowboarding athletes. Many of these riders progress on to prestigious national snowboarding teams with the Olympics being the ultimate goal. It’s easy to understand why such quality athletes, both skiers and snowboarders, are able to develop such impressive skill levels. Jackson Hole’s snowboard program is one of the best in the country and their backcountry opportunities are known to avid skiers and snowboarders throughout the entire country. Jackson also enjoys a sound contingency of winter adventure enthusiasts from the international scene and one often hears multiple languages being spoken here.

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa is conveniently located to Jackson’s snowboarding scene. In fact, another huge draw for Teton Springs guests is the proximity to Teton Pass, long considered a Mecca for backcountry ski and snowboarding enthusiasts. It’s a quick fifteen or twenty minute drive from Teton Springs to the summit of what locals simply call “the pass.” The terrain coveted by Jackson Hole snowboarding enthusiasts is right off Highway 22, the main thoroughfare from Idaho into western Wyoming, and is the road well travelled to reach the town of Jackson. The summit at the top of Teton Pass is 8,400 plus hundred feet and the view alone is worth a trip.

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