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. Some come to mind immediately like a Beaver Creek in Colorado or Banff to the north in the Canadian Rockies. Others can easily fit the bill when it comes to fitting the luxury ski resort bill but don’t necessarily pop into our psyche immediately. The less obvious resorts are definitely worth pursuing. What are the criteria typically used when designating an area as a great place to stay? Not sure what the experts would say but my guess is the typical standard in classifying a hotel or lodge is based in part on the resort’s accommodations.

Another classification used to designate luxury ski resorts is whether or not a celebrity chef happens to be in residence at a particular ski resort. Luxury is also automatically applied when the price point of the homes gracing the local community is out of reach for the average skier. Top of the line resorts and the physical surroundings also play a part as the environment must be pristine and spectacularly beautiful before a discriminating guest will consider it a “place to stay”. Ski slopes must be perfectly groomed and the sun always shines. As you can see, not all resorts will fit this moniker, even if they do share many of the attributes of the classic luxury Idaho skiing resort.

Your Gateway to Luxury Ski Resorts at Teton Springs

One criterion you don’t see touted very often but it’s an element that should be mandatory for all; guest service. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that they have visited a good hotel or lodge that didn’t honor this most time honored attribute. One such destination that does respect this and excels at guest service is Teton Springs Resort. Skiing here comes by way of 500″ annual snowfall, endless meandering runs on picture perfect fall lines at nearby Grand Targhee & Jackson Hole. It’s a short drive to both of these Wyoming Mountains for the skiing. A great place to come with the family is epitomized at the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. Extraordinary guest service, beautiful & elegant accommodations, full-service spa service, and more truly give this property the award for being a true luxury ski resort!

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