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It’s ironic that what many serious powder hounds from around the country consider the best skiing in Idaho is technically some of the best skiing in Wyoming. We’re talking about the incredible Grand Targhee Ski and Summer Resort which sits nestled in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Alta, Wyoming. There’s no doubt it can be confusing, even for the geography buff with a lay of the land on Idaho. Skiing in this particular Wyoming resort equates to an almost guaranteed experience with fluffy, light and dry powder which will surely delight skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels. Those hoping for a ski in Idaho excursion never seem to mind that they just traveled barely 6 miles into Wyoming territory to indeed ski in the state of Idaho. Or a perceived ski in Idaho trip anyway.

Skiing in Idaho, Staying at Teton Springs

Skiing in Idaho, a section in the official Idaho Travel Guide, claims Grand Targhee Resort as one of their own, as does the Wyoming State Travel Planner. So which is it? For those doing their due diligence on a ski in Idaho outing, it’s easy to understand why this can be confusing. To this day many destination visitors still continue to ask “is Grand Targhee in Wyoming or Idaho?” In ski guides published annually, aside from the official state pubs, the mystery is also continually perpetuated. It’s actually relatively clear why these neighboring Rocky Mountain state officials keep tight reins on their Targhee ownership. Wyoming or Idaho, skiing in this magnificent area is all that truly matters in the end.

Skiing in Wyoming and Idaho, in this particular journey, also means you’ll have the option of staying in deluxe accommodations at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa in Victor, Idaho. In skiing Targhee’s primarily intermediate runs, guests of Teton Springs need only travel 30 minutes, or less, to reach the slopes, Idaho Skiing it top notch!. After a pleasantly exhausting day skiing and gliding over 1,500 acres of terrain, you’ll appreciate the amenities at Teton Springs, truly the brightest gem in eastern Idaho. Skiing in this valley means coming back to a cozy lodge room or one of the suites that include well-appointed kitchens. This resort truly puts the exclamation point on this ski in Idaho vacation!

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages
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