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The sheer quality of snowboarding vacations that take the traveler to the Northern Rockies will always produce the most memorable experience. This explains why visitors flock to the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa in Teton Valley each winter. A snowboard vacation to this particular destination practically guarantees the snow conditions that every skier or snowboarder covets. Teton Springs offers ski and snowboard packages to Grand Targhee Resort, the smaller boutique-like resort tucked into the Teton Mountains. Grand Targhee doesn’t typically need any introductions; its long list of qualities such as Idaho snowboard packages has been documented in ski and snowboard publications for years. This place is the real deal.

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Snowboarding VacationsSnowboarding vacations to Teton Springs and partner Grand Targhee will likely give everyone in the family the satisfaction that can only come with discovering an area that holds a special magic, especially snow! Targhee averages approximately 500” of the white stuff each season and there isn’t anything “average” about this snow. Their base village altitude at 8,000 feet above sea level, and the cold air rising over the 13,700 foot Teton Mountains, practically guarantees that this snowfall contains very little moisture. After a typical Targhee storm, face shots can last all day during our snowboarding vacations. There’s another benefit to visiting this gem; it hasn’t been discovered by the masses.

Grand Targhee has long appealed to snowboarding vacationers in particular because of the built in challenges Fred’s Mountain offers. It’s the off-piste terrain of the mountain not typically manicured at night that truly offers snowboarders thrilling and ever-changing options. Some would swear that the natural terrain park features found off Targhee’s groomed runs are the result of a strategic plan to create the world’s best & challenging snowboarding course. However, the staff at Targhee can’t take credit for Mother Nature’s finest features and great snowboarding vacations. The runs are long with rolling landscape, cliff drop offs and tree stumps seemingly strategically placed, all providing an endless supply of thrills.

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