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For those looking for the nirvana of all powder ski experiences in the Lower 48, namely heli skiing, you don’t really need a crystal ball to tell you what kind of a year Teton heli skiing has in store for you. For you and other fortuitous skiers and boarders looking to check out the most pristine terrain in the Northern Rockies, you simply need to check what’s happening on your lap top, hopefully marked under your “favorites. ” Chances are both of Wyoming’s premier winter resorts are listed here, and if not, they certainly should be. There’s the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, known as the “Big One,” and with good reason, and its neighbor, the smaller but no less impressive powder heaven Grand Targhee.

Teton Heli Skiing at it’s Finest Hour

Teton heli skiing is provided compliments of another local icon, High Mountain heli skiing. A Jackson Hole based company since 1974; this firm prides itself on providing skiers the ultimate in thrills and chills. This company can also best be described as robust, dependable and enduring and enjoys the same impeccable pedigree of its two neighboring and pioneering ski areas. In a way, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee serve more or less as the canary in the coal mine for what the snow situation really is in this entire Yellowstone-Teton region, esp when you throw in their sophisticated backcountry snow collection and reporting systems.

There’s a love fest of sorts among Teton heli skiing operators and the two ski resorts, especially when waiting the wings is a healthy dash of snowcat skiing at Grand Targhee. If Teton’s heli ski plans are squashed on a particular day due to weather, guests can hop aboard the snowcat and enjoy comparable snow and camaraderie in an intensely beautiful setting. There are huge chunks of terrain on Targhee’s Peaked Mountain reserved just for the variety of Teton skiing. Heli packages are also available with a day of snowcat included for those that can’t get enough of the deep and steep. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa offers great deals for bother services. Since Targhee and Jackson Hole sit in the shadow of the huge granite and jagged Teton Mountains, any destination ski trip to this area is worth its weight in snowballs. We’d love to have you, check out our heli skiing packages and start your adventure today!

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