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Utah heli skiing is most likely very similar to other heli ski operations in terms of procedures, safety regulations and general operating guidelines. It varies from state to state and country to country but Utah’s heli skiing operation, like other Rocky Mountain operators, have state and federal agencies looking over their shoulder. The US Forest Service is one such governing body. This however is not a bad thing. Skiing and snowboarding in a lift-served area of a day or destination ski area is by most standards and generalizations, pretty safe. It is for the most part a controlled environment with snow fences and staff in red coats with crosses on their backs to help you out of most jams. There’s a comfort level.

Unlike Utah heli skiing, when you purchase a lift ticket at your favorite ski area, and with that single swipe of your credit card, you knowingly or not knowingly, accept the “Skier Responsibility Code” printed on the back of your ticket. You load the chair and away you go without a care in the world. Not so with Utah’s heli skiing or any heli operation for that matter. There’s a lot more assumed responsibility when one is heli skiing. Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming – all operators in the Rockies accept the Skiers Code as the snow sport’s industry’s gold standard, a gospel if you will. We have some of the best heli skiing packages in the US today!

Idaho and Utah Heli Skiing at it’s Finest

After all, anyone who has experienced Utah heli skiing has advanced their proficiency through ski area ranks and appreciate that personal responsibility and etiquette is what truly rules behavior in the mountains. It’s not the Ski Patrol, nor the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management who are the keepers of the great outdoors, our most precious commodity. It’s us. There’s no place on earth where this sentiment hits home more so than in the Yellowstone-Teton Territory, a magical place that the High Mountain Heli Skiing Company calls home. They have over 300,000 acres of terrain at their disposal. Their primary goal is for their guests to enjoy this diverse and natural wilderness in Idaho and Wyoming’s Teton and surrounding mountains, with powder so deep you’ll need a snorkel just to breathe. Utah’s heli skiing trip just got put on hold.

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages

Awesome Skiing and Heli Skiing Packages
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