Yellowstone Fly Fishing

Ella FarnumThe stage is set for what could be the perfect Yellowstone fly fishing junket! Guests staying at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa will enjoy exploring the neighborhood, especially if one is interested in fishing the greatest rivers in North America! Teton Springs Resort, located in the sleepy but breathtakingly beautiful Teton Valley, sits on the eastern edge of the southern Idaho and western Wyoming borders. Straddling these two Rocky Mountain recreational giants provides Teton Springs Resort guests an optimal base camp while they’re out exploring the many superb rivers, lakes and streams that are within an easy reach of the lodge. Fly fishing Yellowstone’s fisheries has never been this easy!

Any experienced angler familiar with this Yellowstone-Teton territory will attest that a Yellowstone fly fishing expedition in the nation’s first national park, known for its trophy worthy Yellowstone cutthroat, never disappoints. Setting out from Teton Springs, fishermen can enter the park from either the west or south gate of the park. The angler is then faced with staggering decisions on which legendary water to tackle first. Choices include the Madison, Gibbon, Gallatin, Firehole, Lamar, Bechler, Lewis, the mighty Snake and more. The nirvana of all fly fishing, the salmon fly hatch, will reach its peak in the park’s Upper Madison River sometime in mid-July. There is also fantastic fishing along the way traveling both east and west into the park; most are easily accessible so pack those waders. As with most worthwhile journeys; half the fun is just getting there!

Yellowstone Fly Fishing is just the Beginning

Settled back in at Teton Springs after a day of premier Yellowstone fly fishing or Grand Teton fly fishing, guests can discover other activities to round out that perfect western vacation. Chill in the full service Stillwaters Spa, or sample that award-winning merlot patio side while resident eagles soar overhead. However, many guests gravitate to the nine fully stocked ponds on property where you’ll find side-by-side the experienced, passionate angler looking to perfect that casting technique or the neophyte anxious to absorb the basic fundamentals of fly fishing. Teton Springs Resort on-property guides from World Cast Anglers can help speed up that learning process and also provide expertise on a variety of guided trip to nearby rivers. Yellowstone Fly fishing is only the beginning!



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